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updated: 12/13/2012 9:46 PM

Vinyl Records are back why? Join record swap set for Dec. 16

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DJ Rudy K

Collecting and listening to records has turned in to a huge hobby, and seeing the recent resurgence of vinyl sales on ebay confirm it. But why are more and more people embracing this format again and there are more makes and models or turntables available now than there were twenty years ago! Records are suppose to be dead.

Sound quality is the main reason but how could that be. How can analog be better then digital? It is the harmonic distortion into the signal. This harmonic distortion actually sounds pleasing to the human ear, and is commonly described as warmth in the sound.

Fact Digital Music is compressed and flat. Of course, without proper equipment and care, vinyl playback can have hiss and pops, but aficionados tend to feel that the positives outweigh the negatives (and take care of their records to avoid these issues).

Second big reason for Vinyl is the Album art and liners: With a vinyl LP you get a nice-sized album cover that really lets you appreciate the art. It's beautiful to look at and easy to read. A whole industry exists to display Album art. The coolness factor! There's something fun and cool about putting the record on the platter again, cuing it up and watching it spin in the background as warm, satisfying music fills the room. Listing Party's are the rage on the West Cost.

If you looking to get into this rage again, Records are back even for new artists. Check it out at your local Record / Music Shop or stop by the Chicagoland Media Swap on Dec. 16 at the Addison Township Gym, 401 N. Addison Road in Addison