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High-end condo high-rises could be allowed in the now exclusively commercial area of Schaumburg south of Woodfield Mall, according to a proposed revision of the village’s comprehensive land-use plan.
Could high-rise condos overlook Woodfield Mall?
Building upscale high-rise condos near Woodfield Mall -- an idea for which Schaumburg officials previously have sent developers away -- could become acceptable under proposed changes in the village's 22-year-old comprehensive land-use plan.
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A vacant 1.4-acre site on the northeast corner of Higgins Road and Shafer Court in Rosemont is being eyed for DHL’s North American Innovation Center. The logistics firm chose the site after shifting away from plans to locate in The Pearl District development.
DHL changes location of proposed 'Innovation Center' in Rosemont
ComEd gained approval Thursday to lower monthly residential bills by between $2 and $3.
ComEd bills to go down $2-3 in February
People in canoes and on paddleboards move down Barton Creek in Austin, Texas.
How Amazon's top 20 contenders stack up against each other
Brendan J. Sheahan
Business Ledger Darwin promotes Sheahan to vice president
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