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Friday, September 22, 2017
Friday, 9/22/17
Chris McClellan of Buffalo Grove grabs some water from a fountain at Lake Arlington in Arlington Heights. McClellan says he likes to run on hot days to get a good sweat going. He runs three or four times a week.
Hot enough for you? It's breaking records
We're in the midst of an uncommon heat wave that feels like mid-July and is breaking records along the way.
Wheaton College football player James Cooksey, right, turns himself in at the Wheaton police station on Friday with his attorney, Michael Fleming. He and four other players are charged with aggravated battery, unlawful restraint, and mob action.
Wheaton College players charged in hazing go free on bail
Attorney Terry Ekl says there were more than the five players charged involved in the hazing of a Wheaton College football player.
Lawyer: More than the five charged took part in hazing
This sign has been in the window of the former Luong-Loi restaurant in downtown Wheaton for two years. But the sign just ignited a controversy as a longtime resident found it an insult to the restaurant operators who moved across the street.
'Went back to Vietnam' sign at former restaurant site stirs controversy in Wheaton
The village of Lombard is looking to create a special financing district that could help support infrastructure improvements at the Westin hotel and future redevelopment of the Northern Baptist Theological Seminary site immediately to the hotel’s east.
Lombard seeking ways to spur redevelopment around Yorktown, Butterfield Road
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