Founding of Smart Cloud Forge, Data Science Team & Artificial Intelligence Solutions for consumer packaged goods (CPG) industry.

Christina Buettner
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Headline: Founding of Smart Cloud Forge, Data Science Team & Artificial Intelligence Solutions for consumer packaged goods (CPG) industry and wholesalers.

Homewood, IL [February 13, 2019]--We are proud to announce the founding of Smart Cloud Forge (SCF), which offers data science consulting, and provides artificial intelligence solutions in the CPG Industry.

SCF is creating a predictive order technology for the CPG Industry and wholesalers. The technology predicts if an item will be ordered, and provides line item level quantities. The technology is intended to supplement or replace sales representatives' order entry calculations at CPG customer sites. SCF builds quantitative models to predict item orders.

Consumer packaged goods companies interested in collaborating with Smart Cloud Forge are encouraged to reach out. Smart Cloud Forge is requesting transactional data sets. "A CPG Company with transactional data set would be a valuable partner as we continue to improve our models. We currently have an item accuracy rate of 91.4%. However, we can keep building on this, improving our models and processes," states Smart Cloud Forge C.E.O., Heather Wigell. There's a range of potential benefits from collaboration, and SCF will meet with interested partners to discuss the details on a case by case basis.

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Smart Cloud Forge was founded in 2019 by Douglas Macleod. He has spent over 20

years in IT, with roles ranging from applications development consultant to Director of Applications Development at Pepsi. MacLeod has spent time at major beverage manufacturing and distribution companies such as Pepsi, DS Waters, and other distributors specializing in mobile

field workforce computing, warehouse and delivery operations. MacLeod transitioned from a project management role to a technical role with the founding of SCF. His technical expertise includes

all major databases, Objective C, Java and Python.

Heather Wigell was named CEO at Smart Cloud Forge. Wigell originally provided a client facing solution for the predictive order technology, importing results into Tableau creating data visualizations of the historical data and predictive order data. Wigell has worked in marketing and research for 10 years. Her specialty is synthesizing research, marketing and data science to form a data-driven strategy, define customer segments, and provide data visualizations. Wigell ran a boutique marketing agency and worked on the Digital Publics Project at the University of Chicago (2012-16) prior to joining Smart Cloud Forge.

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