“Food, Inc. 2" explores how the pandemic strained the U.S. food system.

‘Food, Inc. 2’ revisits food system, sees reason for frustration and a little hope

The makers of the influential 2008 documentary “Food, Inc.” never planned to make a sequel. But 16 years after that Oscar-nominated film, they’re back with “Food, Inc. 2.” What happened?

Celebrate tax season coming to an end with $10.40 margaritas at Kona Grill in Oak Brook on Monday, April 15.

Dining out: $10.40 margs for tax day, free Ben & Jerry’s and more

Celebrate the end of tax season with $10.40 margs at Kona Grill on April 15, enjoy tequila in the tranquility of Morton Arboretum, and score free ice cream while helping out the Naperville Area Humane Society on April 16.

In “Civil War,” Kirsten Dunst plays Lee, a professional photojournalist whose experiences have left her hardened and sad.

Civil bore: Political ambiguity muddles hollow, violent cautionary drama

Armed with a timely premise, a high-caliber cast and forceful visuals, Alex Garland’s dystopian horror war road movie “Civil War” blunts its potential impact by posing unanswered questions and by disregarding pesky, relevant details.

Arthur (Josh O'Connor), center, is celebrated upon his return from jail in “La Chimera.”

Alice Rohrwacher’s tombaroli tale ‘La Chimera’ is pure magic

When we talk about “movie magic,” the first thing that comes to mind is often something like the bikes achieving liftoff in “E.T.” But it applies no less to Alice Rohrwacher’s wondrous “La Chimera,” a grubbily transcendent folk tale of a film that finds its enchantment buried in the ground.

Chris Marston at Legends Pizza in Carol Stream with his crew behind the counter.

After years cooking in his backyard, man opens Legends Pizza in Carol Stream

Once a service representative for Chicago Brick Oven, Chris Marston brought his work home with him. “At one point in time, we had five or six pizza ovens in our backyard,...

Schaumburg’s Laugh Out Loud Theater will close its Streets of Woodfield home this weekend and become an itinerant ensemble.

Best Bets: Hail and farewell to Schaumburg’s Laugh Out Loud

Laugh it up while you can as Schaumburg’s Laugh Out Loud Theater closes this weekend. Plus, pianist Wael Farouk returns to the MAC and Alvin Ailey American Dance Theater returns to Chicago.

Rebellious 12-year-old Charlotte (Alyla Browne) unwittingly adopts an alien spider that grows quickly into an arachnid Ted Bundy in the fun creature feature “Sting.”

Bug-a BOO! Fun, frights and feelings figure into a Charlotte’s web of terror in ‘Sting’

Kiah Roache-Turner’s low-budget Australian creature feature “Sting” merges fun and thrills with a ton of kills in a breezy, cheesy salute to classic 1950s “it came from outer space” tales.