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Amazon. Chipotle. GoPro. These household-name businesses were launched thanks to investments by the founders’ parents. But parents also have sunk plenty of money into their offsprings’ doomed enterprises, sometimes endangering their retirements and family relationships in the process.
Can you afford to help your kid start a business?
Parents usually want their kids to succeed, and many are accustomed to sacrificing to help make that happen. But parents shouldn't be misled about the risks, financial planners say.
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The summer air travel season is shaping up to be the busiest ever, which could mean lengthy lines at U.S. airport security checkpoints. But you can use the faster lanes if you belong to an expedited screening program, which could essentially be free to join with the right credit card. The primary federal programs for air travel, TSA Precheck and Global Entry, cost $85 or $100 per traveler, respectively, and enrollment lasts five years for both.
TSA-Approved ways to shorten the airport screening line
LinkedIn has a feature that breaks down pay by job title and location. The company says it strives for accuracy in its pay information and that employers can even submit their own data.
Employers are finally ready to talk about how much they pay
There are good and bad ways to discuss topics as emotional as money, no matter where you are in your relationship. If you think this could be a serious long-term thing, you would be smart to start having hard money conversations now.
How to fight about money and stay madly in love
Leslye Sandberg, Permatron Corp. president and CEO, walks through the production floor of the Elk Grove Village company.
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