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The shuttered water park attached to the One Arlington residential building in Arlington Heights will be renovated into a climbing wall recreation facility and family entertainment center.
Climbing wall, family fun center coming to Arlington Heights
Plans for a family entertainment center and climbing wall recreation facility -- just one piece of the ambitious Arlington Downs mixed use redevelopment -- earned approval Monday from Arlington Heights trustees.
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Fight for $15 is announcing that it's helping women in several U.S. cities to file complaints with the U.S. Equal Employment Opportunity Commission alleged they experienced sexual harassment while working at McDonald's.
McDonald's workers file sex harassment claims in nine cities
Ancient Graffiti Inc., a company that develops individually handcrafted garden and home décor, is moving from Lake Zurich to Mundelein.
Ancient Graffiti to move from Lake Zurich
Sears looks like the next company with head-scratching CDS trade
Business Coach Vickie Austin recently met with author Chris Guillebeau, who wrote “Side Hustle: From Idea to Income in 27 Days.” Guillebeau maintains that everyone should have a side hustle, expanding our sources of income and giving us freedom and opportunity as well as financial security.
Business Ledger Starting a business before quitting your day job? It's doable
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