Elgin Lanes strikes first, but Bowlway comes away with early lead in X-Town Classic

Submitted by Sean Hargadon
Updated 4/20/2018 10:18 PM
  • Bowlway Lanes' Dan Martin leads all scorers with a 677 series.

    Bowlway Lanes' Dan Martin leads all scorers with a 677 series. Courtesy of Bruce Shipyor

It was a day of high scores and fast-paced action before both teams effectively ran out gas by the end of it all. Host center Elgin Lanes dominated the first game, but then Bowlway stormed back to win the second and third games during the first weekend of the sixth annual Elgin Cross-Town Classic.

Bowlway left Elgin Lanes in front 5-2 in points and posted a narrow 86-pin lead in what turned out to be some of the highest scoring matches in recent years.

In game one, Elgin Lanes came out quick and was relentless, throwing strike after strike.

At one point, three of their bowlers each had seven strikes in a row.

This led to an easy victory with Elgin Lanes posting an incredible 1,187 team score, led by Keith Davis (279), Drew Perly (269) and Brian Kummet (257).

Bowlway responded with a sold 1,048 team score, which would normally be enough to win a game, led by JJ Meyer (243) and Sean Hargadon (217).

During the second game, the lanes began to transition and started hooking more. Bowlway responded with a sold 1,048 team score, which would normally be enough to win a game, led by JJ Meyer (243), the youngest player ever to bowl in the X-Town at 19 years old and Sean Hargdon (217).

By the third game, the lanes were hooking even more, and making specific adjustments as crucial. Both teams appeared to be tired after the emotional highs and lows in the previous games. As a result, some of the accuracy of the players began to slip away. Still, Bowlway scraped out a 1,004 score led by Dan Martin (279) and Sean Hargadon (203). Elgin Lanes was able to muster a 920 team score, led by Steve Mundt (208) and Brian Kummet (204).

Going into Bowlway Lanes this Saturday, the home team will have a chance to win the title outright by winning two games. If they only win one game, then it will come down to total pins, and Bowlway's 86-pin lead is really not that much when you consider the results of past tournaments.

Bowlway traditionally plays a little tighter than Elgin and the scoring can be low, but if last week is any indication, the emotions should be high as both teams finish out year six of this classic tournament.


Team Bowlway 1048 1098 1004 = 3,150

Team Elgin 1187 957 920 = 3,064

Team Bowlway: led by Dan Martin with a 677 series, JJ Meyer (671), Sean Hargadon (663), Mike Grocke (575), and Daryl Rucki J. (564). The team finished 210 average.

Team Elgin: led by Brian Kummet with 641 series, Keith Davis (638), Drew Perly (627), Steve Mundt (592) and John Mundt (566). The team finished with a 204.2 average.


Game one: Team Elgin leads Team Bowlway 2-0 in points.

Game two: Team Bowlway ties Team Elgin 2-2.

Game three: Team Bowlway leads Team Elgin 4-2.

Series totals: Team Bowlway leads Team Elgin 5-2.

Team Bowlway leads in total pins by 86.

The Elgin Cross-Town Classic VI continues this week at Bowlway Lanes, 810 Villa St., on Saturday, April 21, starting at 1 p.m.

The team that wins the most match-game points over the two week's competition will be declared Elgin's Match Game Champions and will personally receive the Mayor's Cup from Elgin Mayor Dave Kaptain. The event is free and open to the public. It's sponsored by Bowlway Lanes, Elgin Lanes, Elgin Today, madwill creative, and is certified by the United States Bowling Congress.

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