Remote Medicare Enrollment and Avoiding Scams

  • Tom Perrucci of Premier Medicare Benefits Unknown

    Tom Perrucci of Premier Medicare Benefits Unknown

Tom Perrucci Premier Medicare Benefits
Updated 5/15/2020 8:25 AM

[Schaumburg, IL May 14 2020] -- COVID-19 has hit the senior community harder than any other, not just in terms of illness, but in increased fraud. Scammers are using fears about coronavirus to obtain personal information, often under the guise of enrolling seniors in Medicare and related insurance policies.

Remote enrollment is currently available in Northwest Suburbs & Chicago, with local agents offering online and telephonic options. To enroll safely and avoid scams, Thomas Perrucci of Premier Medicare Benefits recommends knowing the ways a licensed agent and a scammer will behave differently.


Medicare agents are required to obtain a Scope of Appointment before discussing Medicare Advantage and Prescription Drug Plan policies with you. This form will list types of insurance coverage you would like to discuss with the agent, and you will be asked to sign and date the form to confirm that you've agreed to discuss these policies. A licensed agent will only start a presentation once they have your signed Scope of Appointment. If someone is trying to sell you Medicare Advantage or Prescription Drug Plans without a Scope of Appointment, or if you are asked for personal information like your social security number to sign up for these policies without being given a sales presentation, chances are you are dealing with a scammer.

Your sales presentation should only cover the types of insurance you agreed to discuss in your Scope of Appointment. If you've agreed to discuss Medicare Advantage but not Prescription Drug Plans and the agent attempts to sell you a Prescription Drug Plan without asking for another Scope of Appointment, they are in violation of Medicare's policies.

A licensed agent has relationships with insurance companies and will offer you brochures and materials directly from those companies. Anyone wanting to simply tell you about policies who isn't willing to give, mail, or email you any materials from the insurance company shouldn't be trusted.

Fraudulent Medicare calls can come from any location, so the best way to ensure you're dealing with a licensed insurance agent and not a scammer is to work with someone located locally.

Scammers plague society in a variety of ways, often creating risk out of something that should bring security, but seniors can still get insured safely as long as they watch for the warning signs.

Thomas Perrucci brings a wealth of experience to the health insurance field. He enjoys helping his clients get the most from their Medicare. As a proud member of Medicare himself, Tom offers a unique 'insider' view, as well as earning the trust of his clients to always do what is in their best interest. Tom is a 30+ year resident of Schaumburg, a business owner, husband, father, grandfather, as well as an ordained minister who enjoys marrying couples on the weekends!