Geographic Information Systems Coordinator Puts West Chicago on the Map

Rosemary Mackey
Updated 12/28/2015 4:42 PM
  • GIS Coordinator Vicki Hynes at work in West ChicagoRosemary Mackey

    GIS Coordinator Vicki Hynes at work in West ChicagoRosemary Mackey

West Chicago, Illinois: December 2, 2015 -- City of West Chicago GIS (Geographic Information Systems) Coordinator Vicki Hynes, was recognized earlier this fall by the Illinois GIS Association (ILGISA) for her contributions to its membership committee in setting guidelines for submission and judging the first ILGISA Map Competition. As a result of her active participation and readiness to volunteer, Hynes succeeded in creating standards for participation and judging process of a new annual event which showcases the work of other GIS professionals and promotes mapping technology throughout the state.

A graduate of Augustana College with a major in Geography and Environmental Studies, Hynes worked for 8 years in the City of Naperville, followed by a year of GIS consulting work, before joining the City of West Chicago in 2002. She is a member of Illinois Municipal User's Group, and holds a Professional GIS certification through URISA, as well as being a long time member of ILGISA.

Since her arrival, she continues to grow GIS technology in West Chicago. She has advanced the facilitation of daily departmental tasks through managing over 150 different geographic data layers. These data layers are available to view and analyze by users in order for them to make better informed decisions. GIS has been implemented citywide and is currently being used in every City department.

Most recently, the mapping of City sponsored events has added great value to those navigating Blooming Fest, Frost Fest and Tales Tombstones Tell, by leveraging the power of a mapping application through the ESRI suite of software products including ArcMap, ArcServer, and now ArcGIS online.

The recognition from ILGISA confirms the passion Hynes feels for the field of GIS. "At an early age I discovered an interest for the visual, being out in the world and recognizing landscapes and landmarks," she shared. "It was something that was encouraged early on in my life. As part of our driver's education training, my father took me and my sister into Chicago and we had to find our way, through City traffic, home to the suburbs. I learned to rely on my ability to focus on my surroundings and make connections in getting from point A to point B."

As for her work in the City of West Chicago, Hynes continues to share the value of her craft for the benefit of the municipality by continually exploring new and innovative ways to use the technology for streamlining efficiencies in every department, as she continues to put West Chicago "on the map".