Best iPad and iPhone Accessories for Healthcare Professionals: A Cleaning Cloth and a Capacitive Stylus

  • With the growing use of tablets and smartphones in the medical field, the TruGlide Duo Stylus Pen is an excellent product for Healthcare Professionals.

    With the growing use of tablets and smartphones in the medical field, the TruGlide Duo Stylus Pen is an excellent product for Healthcare Professionals. Bob Martin

Jennie Skinner
Updated 6/4/2013 11:36 AM

62% of doctors are now using smartphones, tablets, and other mobile devices at work, a number that has nearly doubled from 2011 to 2012 according to Manhattan Research, a healthcare market research firm. Healthcare professionals are always looking for ways to better serve their patients. However, as any healthcare provider can tell you, there is a mountain of clerical work that must be completed and checked for each patient. This fundamental problem has led many doctors and nurses to streamline their offices with new, time saving technologies. The use of touchscreen devices such as iPads and iPhones is an innovation that is sweeping clinics and medical schools across the nation. Doctors can access their patients' x-rays, insurance information, or medical history right from their pockets.


While the benefits of using these touchscreen devices in a medical setting can clearly be seen, so can their pitfalls. As the name implies, a touchscreen gets touched a great deal throughout the day. If you're in the medical field, you've likely thought of the sanitation issues that arise with touchscreens. Tablets and smartphones become petri-dishes full of bacteria picked up from anything your fingers have touched. For doctors and nurses who need to have their hands sterilized regularly, using the screen can contaminate their hands again instantly after sterilizing them.

The question then becomes: "How can I use my touchscreen in the clinic while avoiding the sanitation issues it poses?" Contamination can lead to complications, which can lead to expensive lawsuits. However, a healthcare provider can spend a fairly small amount of money on a few iPad and iPhone accessories which will help avoid those costly complications and potential lawsuits. A cleaning cloth will not only wipe the smudges off of your screen, but the microfiber material will not scratch your screen, something improvised cleaning cloths often do. ARTcloths from come in a wide variety of designs and have an anti-bacterial material woven directly into the fiber, making them perfect for ultra-clean hospital settings. At $7.95, LYNKtec's ARTcloth microfiber cleaning cloths are both effective and inexpensive.

Using a capacitive stylus is a preventative measure rather than a corrective one which the cloth provides. Styluses can be sterilized much more easily than an entire iPad or iPhone can be. If a stylus is sterilized along with other medical instruments, the sanitation problem is completely eradicated. Healthcare professionals are ideal customers for capacitive styluses. Styluses make note taking a breeze and keep those touchscreens bacteria-free. The TruGlide in particular offers a soft microfiber tip, and as its name implies, it glides effortlessly across the face of your device. A stylus will no doubt increase navigation speed on your touchscreen. More speed means saving more vital spare moments, which when added together at the end of the day, can help provide time to see an extra patient. That means more happy patients and more income! Smart devices have already provided an enormous benefit to the medical field, but are you really using your iPad or iPhone to its fullest potential?

Even if you're not performing surgery, these iPad and iPhone accessories serve just as much of a purpose at home as they do in the office. Of course it's nice to have a clean screen, and the dangers of harmful contagions, though minimal during personal use, are always present. Also, once you get used to using a stylus, especially a well-made one such as the TruGlide, chances are you won't want to go back to using your finger or a cheap rubber-tip stylus alternative. LYNKtec offers a version that tethers directly to the headphone jack of your device, ensuring it's always there when you need it. Don't worry, doctors… There's also a clip version for the pocket of your lab coat! With ever-evolving advancements surfacing in technology in 2013 and beyond, healthcare professionals can't afford to be without a cleaning cloth and a capacitive stylus!

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