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updated: 9/6/2013 12:09 PM

Calumet Park Reunion A Time Long since Gone but Friends Remain Sept 7

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  • Diana Petersen, Dee Juarez, Maryellen Kobitka

    Diana Petersen, Dee Juarez, Maryellen Kobitka
    J. Juarez

Diana Petersen

The Calumet Park Reunion is upon us again. Over 500 plus residents get together to share stories, drinks, food, friendships and making new ones. The venue has changed with the growth of the numbers of people and this it is going to be the best event yet.

If you remember skating at the Rec Center, walking to the Bond Pool or the summer nights with the sounds of Raceway Park you grew up in Calumet Park.

It was a time you knew to be home when the lights went on as you did not want to hear your mom yell your name out the front door. It was okay though because Creature Features was on and your mom picked up a pizza set up at Rainbow and the gang piled in your house to watch TV. You could walk anywhere but if you weren't good your neighbor would be on the phone in a minute. Hanging out at Dog n Suds or Burger King, walking to the Grove and Birthday parties at the Yum Yum Tree were memories everyone shared.

Spending weekends playing softball or baseball and how could you forget the Famous Calumet Park Red & Gold Rams & the Cheerleaders. Everyone made the team as there were not tryouts back then. We won some, and we lost some and we were better for it. You didn't talk back to coaches or teachers and you treated adults with as much respect as your parents.

I have done this event for a while and most would think it a task. I feel blessed. When people hear you are still friends with people from your childhood they are surprised and when they find out the event is over 500 residents from the 1960's, 70's, and 80's and come from all over the country, they are amazed. We get together from a time that may be long since gone but the friendships are forever.

Hope you can attend, bring a friend or relative. Share your memories and make new ones.