Candidates' contempt for COD students

Updated 3/17/2011 4:08 PM

You would expect a trustee of the College of DuPage to hold the interests of its students in the highest regard and be anxious to discuss the issues and listen to their concerns. For example, Dianne McGuire, one of five candidates for two places in the upcoming election to the board of trustees, places student services as one of her highest priorities, according to an interview she gave with the Courier, the college's student newspaper.

However, two other candidates, Erin Birt and James Long, did not even condescend to grant the newspaper an interview. Did they have nothing to say, or maybe something to hide? By demonstrating such contempt towards the students, these candidates betrayed their allegiance to a political agenda that is at odds with the greater interests of the college community.


Thankfully, In Dianne McGuire and Max Bochmann, we have candidates who are steeped in experience and have the vision and principles to move COD forward.

Richard Jarman

Communications Director, Friends for Education 502

Glen Ellyn