DuPage mayors look ahead to 2020

  • Newly elected DuPage mayors and village presidents gather in the DuPage Heritage Gallery in 2017. First row from left, Jeff Pruyn of Itasca, Andrew Maglio of Roselle, Rich Veenstra of Addison and Linda Jackson of Glendale Heights. Second row from left, Albert Bulthuis of Villa Park and David Brummel of Warrenville. Third row from left, Franco Coladipietro of Bloomingdale and Chris Pecak of Lisle.

    Newly elected DuPage mayors and village presidents gather in the DuPage Heritage Gallery in 2017. First row from left, Jeff Pruyn of Itasca, Andrew Maglio of Roselle, Rich Veenstra of Addison and Linda Jackson of Glendale Heights. Second row from left, Albert Bulthuis of Villa Park and David Brummel of Warrenville. Third row from left, Franco Coladipietro of Bloomingdale and Chris Pecak of Lisle. Daily Herald file photo

Posted1/1/2020 6:00 AM

The Daily Herald asked DuPage County mayors and village presidents to look ahead to 2020 and identify the most important thing they hope their community can accomplish in the coming year -- and to share it with us in roughly 50 words. Here's what they said ...

Rich Veenstra, Addison


Workforce development and improving the socio-economic status of residents has been a focus and will continue to be in 2020. Through collaborative initiatives with our schools, businesses, and College of DuPage, career opportunities exist for residents to develop skills and improve their economic health while filling the labor needs of our industrial parks.

Aurora Mayor Richard Irvin
Aurora Mayor Richard Irvin
Richard Irvin, Aurora

2020 is the year of vision, and we hope to continue to build -- literally in the case of our residential and commercial developments -- upon the vision for a community that is safe, sound, strong and striving for excellence in all areas.

Bensenville Village President Frank DeSimone
Bensenville Village President Frank DeSimone
Frank DeSimone, Bensenville

After a generation fraught with conflict, Bensenville will finally replace the failed water system in the unincorporated White Pines subdivision. Through an innovative solution that provides White Pines residents the ability to choose their own destiny, we will be able to put this issue behind us and move forward.

Franco Coladipietro, Bloomingdale

In 2020, I hope we can continue to grow our community events, which are a catalyst for development of our community spirit. The successful redevelopment of several key village assets and completion of our Lake Street redevelopment is also a major focus of our village board.

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Frank Saverino, Carol Stream

A complete 2020 Census population count is our highest priority. Population size affects federal funding, grants, business recruitment, infrastructure projects and political representation. Our community's responses will shape our future. In Carol Stream, everyone counts and we look forward to leading the way in census public engagement.

Robert Barnett, Downers Grove

We hope and plan to replace our 40-year-old police station and 90-year-old village hall with a new combined facility, along with a private sector redevelopment project on the Civic Center property. The project will improve service delivery and police officer safety while enhancing our downtown and reducing the village's ecological footprint.

Steve Morley, Elmhurst

As we approach 2020, city staff and elected officials are consulting the most recent strategic plan to revisit the goals developed as a community. Technology continues to change the way we do business and the city is investing in technology upgrades in 2020 to allow for more responsive service delivery. Additionally, we continue to undertake stormwater projects to alleviate flooding hazards. The resolved agreement with the school district will allow for the completion of imperative stormwater mitigation projects for the community. In 2020, the city also will begin the train station renovation project, which will include an extensive public input and design process. Construction is anticipated to begin in 2021.

Glendale Heights Village President Linda Jackson
Glendale Heights Village President Linda Jackson
Linda Jackson, Glendale Heights

Among my biggest goals for 2020 and beyond is the development of North Avenue, which already has seen a number of new businesses opening their doors to the community -- including new food establishments and industrial facilities providing job opportunities and improving our overall tax base. I'd also like to highlight the redevelopment of our largest park in Glendale Heights, Camera Park, which will receive major upgrades beginning in 2020. Camera Park is our busiest park and is home to a number of community events throughout the year, including Glendale Heights Fest.


Glen Ellyn Village President Diane McGinley
Glen Ellyn Village President Diane McGinley -
Diane McGinley, Glen Ellyn

The Village of Glen Ellyn has a number of large-scale projects proposed, including construction of a new public parking garage to be located at the village's Civic Center. Additionally, the village intends to finalize design plans for the $20 million downtown streetscape and utility improvement project. Finally, we are excited to welcome the expected 150,000 visitors to the Frida Kahlo Exhibit at the McAninch Arts Center at the College of DuPage during the summer of 2020. We're excited to showcase Glen Ellyn to visitors from around the world.

Itasca Village President Jeff Pruyn
Itasca Village President Jeff Pruyn
Jeff Pruyn, Itasca

My hope is that the community will come together to create a shared vision for the future of downtown Itasca. This shared vision will be used to guide development downtown over the next 10 to 12 years.

Christopher Pecak, Lisle

The year ahead represents many new opportunities for the village, including the formation of a new public-private business development and marketing organization that will undertake initiatives to pursue quality economic development in the village.

Organizational efforts to continue the mission of improving municipal service delivery will include a revamped website, a rewrite of the village's zoning code, improvement of internal process efficiencies, a review of commuter parking, an update to the bicycle and pedestrian plan, a water infrastructure and rate study, and many other efforts on the horizon.

The year 2020 represents a lot to look forward to in the coming year. I extend my heartfelt gratitude to all of those that have come together to pursue a greater tomorrow for the residents of Lisle.

Keith Giagnorio, Lombard

In 2020, Lombard will remain focused on maintaining a balanced budget by reducing expenses and increasing efficiencies. The village is facing tough challenges head on and is communicating every step of the way.

Naperville Mayor Steve Chirico
Naperville Mayor Steve Chirico
Steve Chirico, Naperville

In 2020, we'll see a renewed focus in infrastructure investment. Major projects include renovating part of our downtown streetscape, rehabilitation of the Washington Street Bridge, and widening North Aurora Road between Frontenac Road and Fairway Drive. Maintaining our assets benefits everyone -- residents, businesses and visitors -- and keeps our community vibrant.

Gopal Lalmalani, Oak Brook

Oak Brook will continue to focus on a strong economic development program. The Macy's Furniture site will be closing at the end of the year, and we are working on a new development that will bring in a Lazy Dog Brewery, a Wildberry breakfast restaurant, relocating our Panera Bread from 16th Street to this location and expanding it with a drive-through component, some retail, and a two-story 40,000-square-foot building containing an entertainment and dining component, which will be the main anchor of the site. Additionally, we will see the opening of several new restaurants and lifestyle developments at the Oakbrook Mall. Included in these are Kidzania, an 80,000-square-foot children's entertainment center, Lifetime Fitness, a three-story 120,000-square-foot fitness center with a rooftop pool, the reopening of the former Lord & Taylor site in the mall, and the opening of a Restoration Hardware Furniture Gallery.

Roselle Village President Andy Maglio
Roselle Village President Andy Maglio
Andy Maglio, Roselle

Economic development remains a priority for the village board in Roselle for 2020. We continue to plan for growth with the formation of several TIF and business districts and are focusing on development in multiple corridors, including Lake Street, Nerge Road, and along Irving Park Road in our Town Center.

Villa Park Village President Albert Bulthuis
Villa Park Village President Albert Bulthuis
Al Bulthuis, Villa Park

This coming year we hope to see the completion of the Jackson Pond expansion project. This project has been progressing in stages starting with the planning stage in 2015. This large-scale, multiyear project will be completed in 2020 and will help with flooding issues to a large number of homes in the southwest part of the village.

David Brummel, Warrenville

2020 will see new restaurants and retailers, resulting from residential developments, and the city's first senior housing at Batavia and Butterfield Roads. The city plans to acquire and cleanup the former Citgo gas station for a riverfront park and mixed-use development. Finally, the new operating system (ERP) will improve city business operations and customer services.

Wayne Mayor Eileen Phipps
Wayne Mayor Eileen Phipps
Eileen Phipps, Wayne

In 2020, the Village of Wayne will continue to maintain our status as one of the safest cities in Illinois and the most frugal.

West Chicago Mayor Ruben Pineda
West Chicago Mayor Ruben Pineda
Ruben Pineda, West Chicago

Taking advantage of a $600,000 state grant thanks to state Rep. Karina Villa, the city will be hiring a company to abate the environmental contamination in the Washington Street Redevelopment area across from the West Chicago Public Library, which in turn will allow the city to seek development proposals and start planning for a new civic campus there.

Phil Suess, Wheaton

In early 2020, our city council is looking forward to updating its strategic plan for Wheaton. Through workshops and community meetings, our new strategic plan will help guide the council as we set priorities and refine our vision, values and goals in maintaining Wheaton as a desirable residential community.

Winfield Village President Erik Spande
Winfield Village President Erik Spande - Daily Herald file photo
Erik Spande, Winfield

For 2020 we look forward to a 163-unit new luxury apartment in Town Center and commercial on Roosevelt Road. We also hope to finalize a deal with Central DuPage Hospital for long-planned Town Center medical and commercial redevelopment. Another key objective is to finalize a new grant from CDH to compensate taxpayers for the burden this very successful nonprofit hospital imposes on our village.

Wood Dale Mayor Nunzio Pulice
Wood Dale Mayor Nunzio Pulice
Nunzio Pulice, Wood Dale

The city is committed to continuing economic development, which provides tax money to help fund city services. The Wood Dale industrial park is one of the most in-demand, highest-occupied industrial areas in Chicagoland, and also enjoys one of the lowest overall vacancy rates. The city will continue to work with businesses of all sizes to continue that trend into 2020.

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