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updated: 7/8/2011 4:01 PM

The Soapbox

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Finally, a single card:

We're certainly on board with Pace, Metra and the CTA in their decision to finally go to a universal fair system -- but by 2015? Seems a long time to get where other metropolitan areas have been for years.

Story with a happy ending:

So, we're editing the reporter's story on Carpentersville Unit District 300 promoting healthy eating and exercise. Michelle Obama invites officials to a reception in Washington, D.C. Great! But then it says representatives from all 16 schools and the front office will be traveling. What price recognition for a district already hurting financially? But to our relief we learn that each is paying his or her own freight. Bully for you, District 300, on both counts.

Smoke detectors:

A new state law that is supposed to keep smokers at least 15 feet from entrances largely relies on self-policing. Good law, tough to enforce. But we give credit to Palatine for trying. The village plans to start issuing citations to violators -- and apparently stands alone in doing so.

Obstructed walkways:

Hey, we know it technically may not be your responsibility, but if there are overgrown bushes or low branches blocking a sidewalk near your property, could you take a few minutes to trim them back? It's not only inconvenient for walkers and bikers to veer around them, it's unsafe if the sidewalk is right next to a street.

Thinking globally:

If more people had the energy, compassion and enthusiasm of Andy Bauer, our world certainly would have fewer problems. At only 23, the Bartlett native and suburban elementary schoolteacher has founded a nonprofit foundation to build schools in underprivileged areas, including Uganda. We're heartened by his efforts.

Thumbs-up on Springinsguth job:

Salute to the village of Schaumburg for its organized approach to repaving Springinsguth Road, complete with thorough communication to residents. True, a resident's car may have gotten trapped in a driveway when a curb was suddenly torn out, but overall, the crews have been efficient.

Better sewers, beat-up road:

Schaumburg also was quick to install new storm sewers on Braintree Drive south of Weathersfield Way. That ought to ease flooding. It's just that now the patched-up road is bumpy and ugly. You've got to make priorities in tough times, we suppose.

Riding into the sunset:

After 50 years of selling equestrian equipment, the Martin family has decided to sell its Libertyville Saddle Shop. Family members say they're retiring from the retail business, one in which they had become a mainstay for horse owners here and across the country. Another equestrian-oriented store will open in its place. Congratulations to the Martins; it's been a great run.

A different climate change:

As if the airlines haven't been beaten up by the economy already, now their jets are being blamed for an increase in rain and snow around major airports. A new study in the journal Science says that when planes "punched" holes in low clouds, greater condensation occurred near O'Hare International and five other airports. Gives new meaning to the old USAir slogan, "There's a change in the air."

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