J.Lee's Action Packed Debut Garners Rave Reviews From Ny Times & Usa Today Bestsellers The Hubley Case author is compared to Kyle Mills, Brad Thor and David Baldacci

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Publicst Kathryn Notestine about author J.Lee
Updated 10/8/2018 11:45 AM

Chicago, IL -- Author J. Lee's premiere thriller is already being called "a terrific debut" by New York Times bestselling author, Kyle Mills and, "A great read that fans of Kyle Mills and Michael Connelly won't want to miss," by USA Today bestselling author Ward Larsen.

American businessman, Peter Hubley is executed in Sau Paulo International Airport in Brazil, and his murderers collapse in fits of seizures moments later. They're dead within minutes. With only a theorized connection to a Brazilian crime organization, FBI desk jockey Nikki Benton is left with a lean case file and questions of why the Chicago office is part of an international investigation. Meanwhile across town Hubley's wife asks her brother, former U.S. marine Ben Siebert, to look into her late husband's mysterious murder and clear his name.


Circling the globe following the convoluted trail left by the mysterious puppeteer of Hubley's murder, Siebert and Agent Benton begrudgingly team up to hunt down an international crime boss. But they quickly learn they can't trust anyone, including each other.

J. Lee lives in the suburbs of Chicago. He graduated from Duke University with degrees in Engineering and Sociology and a minor in Business. In his spare time, he can usually be found playing Frisbee Golf or reading in his La-Z-Boy. The Hubley Case is his first novel. J. Lee offers ARC and signed-edition giveaways each month on his website. Fans can also win the Ultimate Thriller Giveaway, which includes signed editions of The Hubley Case, Kyle Mills' Red War, Brad Thor's Spymaster and David Baldacci's Long Road To Mercy. To learn more about or contact him, please visit www.jleethrillers.com

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