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posted: 10/4/2010 12:01 AM

Three incumbents we should keep

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Currently, in light of our nation's and state's financial situation and unemployment rate, many voters might consider voting out all of the incumbents.

While there are plenty of elected officials not serving the people well, I wanted to bring your attention to a few elected officials who are serving us very well.

State Rep. Randy Ramey has been a good steward of our tax dollars, fighting wasteful spending and sponsoring bills that would save the state significant dollars. One bill he introduced would curb illegal aliens' access to publicly funded programs; this alone would save the state $4 billion.

Randy has also tried to reduce the burdens on businesses in Illinois to help create more jobs. Randy is also very accessible to his constituents, he is willing to listen to us, and fight for us in Springfield. Please support Rep. Ramey in November.

State Sen. John Millner has been fighting corruption in Springfield, and has a plan to get Illinois back on track. His plan includes a forensic audit of the state's most wasteful programs. He also wants us to have stricter residency and means testing for the state's social programs. Sen. Millner has also proposed the state of Illinois should have a five-year budget plan which would build future responsibility.

Sen. Millner is fighting hard for the residents of the 28th district, and he deserves our support in November.

Finally I would like to speak about our U.S. congressman, Peter Roskam. Congressman Roskam has been fighting very hard for the residents of Illinois' 6th Congressional District. He has been fighting wasteful spending in Washington. Congressman Roskam opposed the auto bailout, the Wall Street bailout, the stimulus and the health care overhaul.

Congressman Roskam has been introducing common sense bills that will save American tax dollars. He is supporting a ban on earmark spending and drafted a bill that would save $65 billion in Medicare waste and fraud.

Congressman Roskam fully understands the U.S. Constitution, its limits on Congress, and the rights we as Americans have. Please join me in supporting Congressman Roskam in November.

Frank Napolitano