Don’t blame the passenger jets

Since the tiny article mentioned on the opinion page of the July 9 Daily Herald titled, “A Different Climate Change,” I have to remark on this study by the journal Science.

These scientists blame the major airports and their jets for the climate change we have been experiencing. We’ve lived in Lake in the Hills for more than 16 years and have seen passenger planes leaving absolutely no contrails and some that do, but disappear within minutes.

Of late, since October of last year, I have witnessed huge grids in the sky, definitely not passenger planes, large X’s and crisscrossing, leaving their trails in the sky for hours, turning into gray, flat clouds. I’ve taken photos of a once beautiful blue sky, only to see it quickly change to a murky gray in matter of an hour or two. When this occurs, it becomes humid and close, and triggering big storms and lots of rain or snow.

I challenge whoever reads this article to look up contrails and chemtrails and surf the web for the information provided on the various sites. Don’t blame passenger jets. Look a little deeper.

Elizabeth M. Weggesser

Lake in the Hills