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updated: 1/14/2013 4:59 AM

Our money just keeps flowing out

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Hello out there! Is anybody in Barrington awake? Is anyone paying attention to what is happening in our community? In case you just woke up:

1. The Barrington Area Library has accumulated enough excess reserves for an $8 million-plus "renovation" WITHOUT voter approval. They lost the last referendum, but have obviously found other ways to build a facility that now doesn't allow a Santa Claus.

2. The Village of Barrington had the audacity to raise the water rates in July. With the current water system, they can't even break up our bills between what water goes through the sewers and what doesn't. Anything more than internal water use costs us dearly.

3. The Village of Barrington seems to be in the business of real estate development and has been for years. Why? It's not their job. The village should take a good hard look at the vacancies and find out why businesses can't make it. Fix that problem first!

4. The CUSD 220 Teachers Union and the school board can't seem to get it that we already pay for pensions, health benefits, additional perks and a very comfortable salary. According to the teacher's union it's always for the children. Well, take a closer look, it's not.

When will we wake up and complain loud and often to those in charge? The local municipalities and school districts (not to mention the state) are virtually stealing our hard-earned working dollars to pursue their interests. Our pockets are not deep, but these entities just keep on taking. My budget and spending has changed over these last four years, so why not their spending habits? Oh I forgot, they have changed, to the detriment of the taxpayers! They just don't get it!

Carol Schubert


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