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updated: 10/1/2012 11:56 AM

Kids Art Content

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Team: "The City Of The Future".
size: letter size (11"X 8.5") Students age 4-12 years. Deadline: Nov. 9.
Three prices for the winners:
First price: Saturday Craft Adventure package -include 10 visits + T-shirt
Second price: Saturday Craft Adventure package-include 8 visits + T-shirt
Third price: Saturday Craft Adventure package-include 6 visits + T-shirt
Twenty selected art works participate in Online Art Exhibition from Nov 18 through Nov 28
The winners will be published on Nov 18 on our web site
and also a list with the winners will be available at Hobby Lobby Schaumburg store
How to participate?: In Hobby Lobby Schaumburg store(1055 East Golf Road
Schaumburg) there is a box with sign AnetaArtClasses Kids Content. Please leave inside your child artwork, along with his/her name, age and parents' e-mail address.
This is a great contest for children who love to draw and imagine, so take out your pencils and get started!"