Staying physically active helps your brain and the memory process, no matter your age.

Ask the doctors: Regular exercise benefits memory regardless of age

A growing body of research supports the notion that physical activity has a beneficial effect on memory.

Larissa May, of HalfTheStory, a website that works with young people to build better relationships with technology, says abstinence is not the answer to teen’s problems with social media.

A realistic way to protect kids from social media? Find a middle ground

Keeping tweens and teens off social media may not be the best way to foster a healthy online habits. A middle ground, with parents and schools teaching kids how to use it properly, is recommended by some experts.

Susan Anderson-Khleif, at right, is pictured with her sister, Mary, a great adviser and supporter, around 1991.

Grief & healing: Dealing with medical problems alone can be tough

“Long term grief” is a strange situation. It doesn’t stress and ache as new grief does those first weeks, months, years. But it’s basically always there. Stay connected to others and stay positive.

This colorful Strawberry and Kale Salad With Blackberry Dressing offers a red, black and green color scheme for Juneteenth, with an enticing combination of fresh, sweet and tart flavors.

Talk to kids about Juneteenth, and let food guide the conversation

This colorful salad offers a red, black and green color scheme for Juneteenth, with an enticing combination of fresh, sweet and tart flavors.

The village of Roselle has become the latest suburb to welcome backyard chickens.

Roselle OKs backyard chickens

The village of Roselle will let residents keep up to five egg-laying hens in their backyards.

Dog Play Day Care on Central Road in Mount Prospect is operating under new management.

‘For the love of dogs’: Dog day care facility in Mount Prospect gets new owner

Eric Lewandowski is proving that you can teach an old dog day care facility new tricks. Lewandowski is the new owner of Dog Play Day Care in downtown Mount Prospect. He is running an all-purpose business that is extremely dog friendly -- one might call it a dog spa.

Corns can develop on the knuckle of the toes, or on the soles of the feet — wherever friction rubs against bone.

Ask the doctors: Corns develop when bone exposed to repeated friction

I’ve been dealing with a corn on top of my little toe for almost a year. I used the patches you get at the drugstore and it went away, but a few months later, it came back. How do I stop that from happening?