Blue Whiskey Independent Film Festival returns July 15-21 to Chicago Filmmakers

  • Konrad (Jürgen Prochnow) and Thurba (Milena Pribak) in "A Handful of Water," playing on Thursday, July 21 at Chicago Filmmakers in Chicago.

    Konrad (Jürgen Prochnow) and Thurba (Milena Pribak) in "A Handful of Water," playing on Thursday, July 21 at Chicago Filmmakers in Chicago. Courtesy of Neopol Film

Updated 7/13/2022 4:29 PM

The 12th Blue Whiskey Independent Film Festival will be held from July 15-21 at Chicago Filmmakers, 1326 W. Hollywood Avenue in Chicago. The festival will exhibit nightly screenings of official selections beginning at 7 p.m. plus matinees at 3 p.m. Saturday, July 16 and Sunday, July 17.

The 2022 festival will exhibit 10 feature films and 21 short films. Of the 31 official selections, the festival will present 16 short narratives, eight feature narratives, two feature documentaries, three short documentaries, and two music videos.


"Congratulations to all of the 2022 Official Selections," said Festival Operations Director Jonathan C. Legat following the official selections announcement on June 8. "We look forward to screening your films at our 12th annual festival."

2022 Feature Film Official Selections

2020: A Comedy Special (United States), directed by Joe Kaiser

• The Eternal Flame (Israel), directed by Ranni Midyan

• A Handful of Water (Germany), directed by Jakob Zapf

• Him & Her (United States), directed by Ice Mrozek

• Last Chance Charlene (United States), directed by Tony Gapastione

• The Mother, the Son, the Rat, and the Gun (United Kingdom), directed by Philip Larsen

• NIJARI (Republic of Korea), directed by Hong Sang Jin

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• Roman Candle (United States), directed by Joe Blank

• Sweet Disaster (Germany), directed by Laura Lehmus

• The Ugly Truth (Germany), directed by Krishna Ashu Bhati

2022 Short Film Official Selections

• Baba (Australia), directed by Firass Dirani

• Beneath Us (Canada), directed by Fasial Lutchmedial

• Black Action Figures (United States), directed by Dave Steck

• Broken Dolls (United States), directed by Adam Andrew Holguin

• cheKmate (United States), directed by Carlos Garcia, Jr.

• Come On Time (United Kingdom), directed by Chris Vernon

• Corsair (United States), directed by George Cederquist

• Do No Harm (United Kingdom), directed by Douglas King

• Eureka (United States), directed by Miida Chu


• Family First (United States), directed by Jared Leighton

• Fireflies (United States), directed by David Perkins, Elijah Durnell

• Goodbye Janet (United States), directed by Will Schneider

• High Ceilings (United States), directed by Danilo Dayani

• Home Along the Rails (United States), directed by Justin Leyba

• House Sitters (United States), directed by Alexander Jeffery, Paul Petersen

• The Little Drummer Boy (United States), directed by John Gray

• Prisoner #1616 (United States), directed by Michael Fodera

• Stairs (United States), directed by Jeph Porter

• The Phoenix (United States), directed by Regina Pigsley

• There's Something in the Silence (United States), directed by Mike Castro

• We The Fishes (Sweden), directed by Rouzbeh Noori

Tickets for each evening session are $15 and will showcase a collection of short films followed by a feature narrative or documentary. Matinee tickets are $8 and consist of one narrative feature. A virtual experience is also available this year including most official selection titles for those unable to attend in person.

The festival's digital program guide is now available through the BWiFF mobile app. To download the app, visit or search "BWiFF" using Google Play on android devices and the App Store on iOS. The guide contains the complete schedule, trailers of official selections, director biographies, and interactive elements for attendees.

For more information about the Blue Whiskey Independent Film Festival and to purchase tickets, visit

Blue Whiskey Independent Film Festival is a not-for-profit organization that seeks out independently produced cinema by bold and innovative filmmakers that utilize story elements in a new and exciting way, presenting character-driven independent cinema fueled by the filmmaker's passion for the craft without studio support.