Local Mom Develops Spiritual Website For Her & Kids

Hal Edwards
Updated 12/15/2014 3:21 PM


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Mom Develops Interfaith Website to Explore Spirituality with Her Children

Glenview, Illinois, Dec/2014 -- The struggle of a small group of suburban Chicago mothers looking to find a spiritual outlet for themselves and their children has led to the introduction of Spiritual Playdate, an interfaith website that provides age-appropriate tools to foster dialogue and exploration of spiritual concepts and beliefs.

In 2012, Edwina Cowell and her friends, all mothers with young children, began gathering in their homes for playdates and engaging in healthy conversations about their various beliefs and perspectives. The mothers created games, activities and topics designed to engage their children in the conversation. Moms and kids alike found it satisfying to talk openly, to explore and discover what they believed in and why.

As life and busyness ensued, the frequency of these informal playdates diminished. But Spiritual Playdate Founder Cowell could not forget the magic of sitting with her children on the living room floor and exploring their thoughts and beliefs together.

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"I was convinced that other parents would welcome the same type of forum in their own homes or neighborhoods," Cowell explained. "And so I was determined to create a web-based Interfaith format that could easily be used by individuals at home or by institutions of faith in their educational programs."

After consultation with numerous friends and neighbors, plus a wealth of careful planning and interfaith investigation, SpiritualPlaydate.com came to be.

Spiritual Playdate facilitates the exploration of one's own beliefs as well as those of a wide array of other religions. The website is designed to serve parents looking to explore the subject of religion with their own kids and their friends' and neighbors' kids in a non-judgmental setting, by enabling them to ease into these subjects at their own pace and the pace of their children.

The Spiritual Playdate Mission: In our ever changing, modern world, Spiritual Playdate fosters dialogue through a global interfaith program enabling adults, kids, and organizations to explore and discover beliefs about the topic of god, through web-based educational tools designed to build bridges of acceptance and understanding.


An Advisory Council comprising spiritual leaders from many faith traditions has been assembled to provide content and context for the topics addressed in the website's interfaith programming.

"The people we have reached out to thus far are practitioners of many different faiths, including: Judaism, Islam, Christianity, Hinduism, Buddhism and many more," says Co-Founder Jenny Jackson of Oak Park, Ill. "And the response has been gratifying! Many people of higher religious backgrounds and positions have agreed to participate on our Advisory Council, and we are now ready to launch this exciting new concept for all to put into use," she added.

The Spiritual Playdate program is also available to Affiliate Members such as Churches, Mosques, Synagogues, Yoga Studios, and other places of worship or spiritual enlightenment.

People or organizations interested in more information can visit the new website at www.spiritualplaydate.com. The site is designed for easy access and mobility.

For press inquiries, contact Hal Edwards at: HalEdpmg@gmail.com