Does Warrenville ring a bell?

Posted3/25/2011 12:01 AM

Mr. Shaner's March 18 letter to the editor referenced the request to find a way to transfer the Hubble property to the Wheaton Park District. How does this idea show any fiscal responsibility to all taxpayers and District 200 families?

Once again, the entitlement issue rears its odd presence by his comment, "Hubble is a community asset paid for by the entire Wheaton community and owned by the entire community, not simply District 200." Does the town of Warrenville ring a bell at all? The Wheaton community unequivocally does not "own" the Hubble property.


District 200 does, and this district is comprised of families from Warrenville, small portions of Winfield and perhaps Carol Stream and Wheaton. Additionally, Mr. Shaner's "95,000" figure for youngsters using the former Hubble facility seems greatly inflated. Just like when the plans were drawn to finally build a school in Warrenville, some residents were upset at the thought, even though there were already three middle schools in Wheaton. Now the property should be given away?

Warrenville students and families have had to travel to Wheaton for schools, sports programs and more, for a very long time without whining about it. There is plenty of room in the existing district middle schools for sports programs for all children and not from just one community.

The Wheaton Warrenville Unit District 200 board was always very transparent about the approved plans for selling the old Hubble property, always. They are acting in a responsible and knowledgeable manner because they are accountable to all the families in District 200, not just one. No details are hidden; they are clearly shown on district websites and throughout board meeting minutes, etc. It's time to be positive about the plans for a new start on the old property.

Bobbie S. Mignin