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Stick with tradition:

Perhaps you noticed the U.S. team was beaten soundly in the 2013 Solheim Cup by the Europeans. That follows their loss in 2011 in Ireland, which followed their win at Rich Harvest Farms in 2009. As U.S. captain Meg Mallon said, “We really got our butts kicked.” Maybe returning to familiar surroundings and Sugar Grove in 2017 will turn things around.

What’s old is new:

St. Mary of the Annunciation Church near Mundelein has erected a shiny new bell tower that features a touch of the past. While the tower has three new bells, it’s also home to a restored bell that dates to 1867. The bells will ring for the first time Oct. 12 to mark a celebration of the church’s 150th anniversary.

What’s new is old:

Let’s hear it for vision and determination. As Josh Stockinger reported, Ron Onesti appears to have reversed the decline of St. Charles’ Arcada Theatre and has the one-time vaudeville palace back on the entertainment circuit. Yes, magical.

Knock on woodie:

After a season with no new roller coasters, Six Flags Great America is poised to roll out a new wooden coaster next year. All it needs is Gurnee trustees’ approval. We’re crossing our fingers.

Schaumburg’s big plan:

The village of Schaumburg believes its convention center could be the start of something big — an entertainment district something on the scale of what Rosemont is successfully doing. It’s a bold idea, and it’s good to see bold ideas being proposed in the suburbs again. We wish Schaumburg well on this venture.

Leadership void?

House Republican Leader Tom Cross, who decided against a run for attorney general, is looking at another statewide office instead. So where’s the clamor to replace him in GOP leadership? Jim Durkin and Raymond Poe have come up, but that’s about it.

Shear kindness:

We know it may not even technically be their responsibility, but we have a lot of respect for property owners who trim bushes and trees that hang over public sidewalks — a hazard for babies in strollers and anyone on a bike.

Small district, big celebration:

Tiny Rondout Elementary District 72 is set to kick off a big celebration. Alumni from the one-school district on Bradley Road near Lake Forest come home today to mark the beginning of its 150th anniversary celebration. Tours and old-style games are among the activities, followed by a dinner tonight at the Marriott Lincolnshire. Enjoy.

So long, Wellington, for good:

On Thursday, the sign came down outside the Wellington Restaurant in Arlington Heights, and finally it’s real. For 12 months you could drive past the Wellington and think, “maybe,” since it never looked abandoned, just, well, closed. Now, we’ll just have to get out and make some memories at other eateries in the area.

Privacy uber alles?

In some of our Friday editions is a joyous photo of an administrator and student sharing a high-five on the first day at Waubonsie Valley High in Aurora. No such photos from Naperville Unit District 203, though. Our photographer was told not to take pictures because of privacy concerns. Must it come to this? Surely, we can find ways to get kids’ pictures in the paper in a positive context.

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