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updated: 7/5/2013 11:28 AM

Things toThink About Before Hiring an iPhone App Developer

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An iPhone, a high-end smartphone, today is by all means a blessing for the tech-savvy generation. Ever since its launch, companies worldwide want to have iPhone apps best suited to their businesses. So it comes as no surprise when tens of thousands of developers aim at creating high-end iPhone apps.

There are several companies in the market developing iPhone apps, however creating an iPhone app is not an easy task.

So a word of caution here for those who wish to hire developers for building iPhone apps!

Before you go on to hire an iPhone app developer, a lot of pre-planning needs to be done.

• An important aspect to understand here is the fact that as the number of mobile handsets increases the skill set also increases or decreases accordingly.

• With an increase in the number of mobile devices, more variety in the skills of app developers can be found.

• There are considerations to be kept in mind before hiring an iPhone app developer and while we speak about hiring iPhone app developers from across the globe, India is the most preferred destination.

• Well at the same time, it won't be an exaggeration if we say there is no dearth of iPhone app developers in India.

Different developers have built expertise in different apps. So if you wish to create a game app, then ideally you should look for an expert iPhone game app developer.

• Now before posting the job, be sure about the type of app you want to create and the basic-minimum skills you want in your iPhone app developer.

• Ensure the iPhone app developer you hire is an expert at his work. But why is it that important? The reason is a good iPhone app developer must be aware of the tricks of the trade when it comes to submission of the app to the Apple store.

• If all goes fine, then there won't any trouble at the end of the project. But, if the hired iPhone app developer is not well versed with the app development process, the app might get rejections from the Apple in the end. This will waste a lot of your time and resources.

• Now while looking at the resumes of iPhone app developers from India, make sure you know what roles they played in the mentioned projects.

• Few resumes might have mention of projects with multiple developers working in it. Thus, ensure the iPhone app developer you intend to hire doesn't have a resume that shows he has worked at the lowest position for most of the projects.

• Next, if your app needs to be connected to server and is required to store and save a lot of information, you must then see to it that your prospective developer has sufficient backend experience.

• Ask the hired iPhone app developer to sign an NDA (Non Disclosure Agreement) to protect intellectual property rights.

Finally by the time your search for an iPhone app developer ends, you must be sure of your developer's skill set and potential to bring out the product you want into the market with much-needed passion and keenness.

• While your hunt for iPhone app developers is on, look for experienced developers.

• Do not settle for those who charge low fees as experience is what matters the most. Nobody would want to start with a developer who is na´ve and new to the challenges of a live project.

• Doing so might land you in trouble and push you into replacing the developer at the last moment!

• Developmental cost is usually high in most of the cases.

• Hiring too is an expensive deal-- always!

• Deciding the required timeframe for development early during the negotiation is a wise move.

• Lastly when the app is developed fully and launched into the market, do not think your contract with the iPhone app developer is over. The developer should be given few months' time for offering support. This will allow the developer to fix bugs and update any changes, if any.

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