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updated: 2/1/2013 10:45 AM

Local Angler launches Fishing Social Networking Website

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  • Matt Bach, Northern Pike Fishing in Northern Ontario in the Summer of 2012.

    Matt Bach, Northern Pike Fishing in Northern Ontario in the Summer of 2012.
    Will Lichtenberger

Matt Bach

Matt Bach, founder of IBeBach Fishing, is a dedicated angler from Wheeling, IL with over 20 years experience on the waters. There are Fishermen. There are Conversationalists. Rarely do you see a Fisherman who is Conversationalists. Consider this what separates Matt from the majority of the pack.

Matt's story of becoming an angler revolved around trial and error. Unlike most fisherman, the majority of his family did not share his interest. He was forced to learn everything he ever learned on his own, starting with simple worm and bobber. The "Blue Gill Days" lasted much longer than he had hoped, but he pushed on. This time in his life taught him patience, dedication, and willingness to learn and succeed. After many failures, things started to quickly turnaround. He spent hours on end learning how to locate and catch Channel Catfish in the Des Plaines River. He soon mastered that, but the burning itch to be able to catch Game Fish was at a peak.

Matt's life was soon about to change, and he had no idea. On a long day of Catfishing the Des Plaines River, he was reeling in his stink bait line fast out of frustration, and was ready to head home. However, two feet off the shore, a major explosion. He had no idea what to think;The fight was on. Shortly after, Matt had reeled in his first ever Northern Pike out of the Des Plaines that hit his lure going 20mph. He had always heard rumors of the Pike in the Des Plaines, but there was never any proof. Now, that proof laid in his own hands.

The next season was dedicated to Northern Pike fishing, and it was a surprisingly quick learning process. He became so confident, he started to voyage to other waters, and using the lessons learned, he was soon landing Largemouth Bass regularly. This is what changed it all. Matt considered this the "trifecta" and now had the confidence to change up location, and have the ability to switch species.

A fishing blog at was started. Family and Friends were now able to follow Matt on the water. The passion continued. The skills developed. More Species were caught and even Salt Water skills were developed. From shoreline fishing, to trolling...Matt knows how to locate the fish. Years later, this is where he is. From Pre-Spawn to Fall, Matt is on the water. In the summer of 2012, he went on his first fly-in fishing trip to Northern Ontario where him and his cousin boated just about 200 Northern Pike in 7 days, with 20+ of them over 32" in length. When not on the water, he is always thinking about the next way to bring the sport and anglers to the next level.

In December of 2012, Matt was referred to Fish Candy Bait Company as a ProStaff Member. The partnership between the two brands has potential for amazing things to come. This is when he decided to take his online blog to the next level, and beginning turning IBeBach fishing into a user-interactive website.

"IBeBach Fishing is a non-profit Social Networking Website, launching to the public on February 1st of 2013, for Anglers across the globe. Our goal is to be the most powerful fishing resource on the web, 100% powered by you, The Angler. By bringing the whole fishing community together in this unique network, there is an endless opportunity to share, learn and communicate with anglers of all levels of experience. On top of all that, our mobile app takes the website with you straight to the water."

"Our mission at IBeBach Fishing is to maintain a user-friendly, easy to navigate website which everybody can use. As our network grows, our website will as well; growing and expand topics, categories as well as features. This is your time and home away from the water. We encourage you to use this website to your advantage, and actively participate in uploading pictures and video as well as sharing in our blogs and forums, and even selling gear in the Marketplace. Your privacy is important to us; modify your settings to reflect what you are comfortable with."

"We appreciate you stopping by, checking us out, and joining our network. Consider this the beginning. Keep fishing, keep sharing, and most importantly - keep protecting our waters. Our sport, and our fish, rely on us for a better tomorrow."

Matt grew up, was raised and has lived in Wheeling, IL nearly his entire life. He graduated from Wheeling High School in the year 2000. IBeBach Fishing was officially launched to the public on Friday February 1st, of 2013 and has potential to reach 300,000+ Anglers from around the world. Join for free today!

IBeBach Fishing

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