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Friday, May 25, 2018
Friday, 5/25/18
The new owners of Shane's Deli — Kevin Dickson, Erik Miller, Matt Green, Eric Schlickman and Mike Kessler, from left to right — gathered with their families Thursday for a group photo before they take the reins of the popular lunch spot Friday afternoon. The owners have 18 kids and one on the way between them.
Five friends save Shane's Deli from closing in Wheaton
The downtown Wheaton fixture will open Saturday under new owners.
True Patriots Care President Jerry Christopherson of Elgin works on setting up more than 1,600 flags Thursday at Wilder Park in Elmhurst to honor Vietnam POWs and MIAs.
Suburban flag displays commemorate heroes for Memorial Day
Federal authorities say New Age Care, a medical marijuana dispensary in Mount Prospect, was targeted by a ring of Florida jewelry thieves. The plot was foiled with the help of an FBI informant working inside the crew, court documents say.
How medical marijuana and a big safe brought Miami burglary crew to the suburbs
Police investigate the scene on Route 41 in Gurnee where Gurnee police shot and killed an armed woman after she crashed her car in a park nearby. The woman has since been identified as Makell Meyerin, 31, of Antioch.
Investigators: Gurnee police shooting, Antioch standoff linked
The worst time to get on the road in the Chicago area today is from 4 to 6 p.m., according to AAA.
What is the worst time to hit the road for the Memorial Day weekend?
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