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Tuesday, December 12, 2017
Tuesday, 12/12/17
A fire caused extensive damage Monday night to a home on the 100 block of Rolling Knolls Avenue in Elgin.
Elgin home severely damaged in fire
Firefighters from multiple departments responded to a blaze Monday night at home of the 100 block of Rolling Knolls Avenue in Elgin.
Worshippers gather in front of a candlelit grotto as people flocked to Maryville in Des Plaines to visit the Shrine of Our Lady of Guadalupe Monday evening for the annual feast day celebrations.
Pilgrims young and old flock to Our Lady of Guadalupe shrine
For the past decade, Steven and Maureen Clay have decorated their Buffalo Grove house and yard with a lavish light display to celebrate Hanukkah. “We’re still children at heart,” Maureen Clay says.
Buffalo Grove family takes 'Festival of Lights' to heart
A sketch shows one of three possible exterior concepts for an expansion project at the Olympic Indoor Swim Center in Arlington Heights. The proposed $16 million expansion includes a new gymnasium, a warm water pool and a fitness area.
Arlington Heights Park District reveals plans for Olympic Park
A drink called the Jalapeño Lemon Drop, the creation of Joshua Olson of Chicago Prime Steakhouse, was selected the winner Monday night during the Daily Herald’s Best Martini in the ’Burbs Challenge Mix-off at Drink Nightclub in Schaumburg. Here, Olson, right, shares his excitement over winning.
Palatine bartender crafts winning martini
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