Local consulting company offers support for local leaders

Updated 1/11/2022 4:51 PM

Lisle, Illinois, January 8, 2022 -- A local consulting company is focusing on supporting superintendents, building leaders, school boards, and business leaders to heal from the pandemic and shut down has officially launched.

With the continued stress resulting from the pandemic, leaders need support!


One goal of the GoCycle Goal Setting System is to support the recovery from the emotional, physical, and financial damage from the last two years. The system supports leaders through a 45-day goal-setting cycle developed over years of experience and research. This system will help leaders set clear goals for a successful 2022.

"Almost regularly, I hear from a superintendent indicating that they can't take it anymore and bailout," said Dan Domenech, the president of AASA, the School Superintendents' Association. "It's a combination of stress on the job and being confronted with a no-win situation."

With its one-on-one coaching model, the GoCycle Goal Setting System supports the entire leader not to feel so isolated. There has been a great deal of emotional damage caused in the past two years. Communities, school boards, and leaders were beginning to heal. With the current surge of COVID variant cases, the healing process is an uphill battle. The GoCycle Goal Setting System focuses on the individual leaders to help them return to setting goals around the important work to best support stakeholders and themselves.

Ryan Noss, a current superintendent, said, "It is high leverage to have someone with superintendent experience outside of the district to set goals with me focusing on Equity, Supporting the School Board, Student Achievement, and Relationships with Leaders. This process will strengthen my work and continue to support my growth as a leader."

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A small-business owner Josh Chrestman from JC Health and Fitness added, "The GoCyle system supports me in focusing my work and hitting my targets every 45 days. Like most people, our businesses were hit hard. The health and wellness industry is still recovering. Jeffrey engages in active listening and supporting the growth of my leadership while navigating the continued challenges of COVID. His experience also supports the growth of my organization.!"

It returns to a coaching model about the individual versus the organization (i.e., strategic planning). With a focus on 45-day cycles and weekly check-ins, the leaders can see more of the positives happening with themselves, which results in a more positive lens of the organization. It is a win-win for the organization.

"Leading an organization through the pandemic and returning to learn planning gives us the insight leaders need to feel supported," said Dr. Jeffrey Alstadt. "Leaders were not treated kindly the past two years. They are fried. They also continue to receive a tremendous amount of negative feedback for daily decisions. It has taken its toll. Look at the data. It helps to have someone with experience to point out the great progress happening in their organization. They need support to keep moving forward in a positive direction. Leaders are humans and need cheerleaders, too!"

For more information on The Goal Cycle Goal Setting System, visit gocyclegoals.com/.

With over 20 years working in the public school system, we have developed a duplicatable continuous improvement cycle. This cycle of improvement is rooted in goal setting and 45-day cycles. The GoCycle Goal Setting System is a proven system in the public and private sectors. The GoCycle Goal Setting System has four consultants ready to support any position within an organization. Learn more at gocyclegoals.com.

SOURCE: GoCycle Goal Setting System | Related Links: gocyclegoals.com/

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