Girl Scout Troops Collect Food for Impoverished Families

Rebecca Megchelsen
Updated 11/11/2013 6:59 PM
  • The girl scouts and the food they collected

    The girl scouts and the food they collected Humanitarian Service Project

Recently, Girl Scout troops 1197, 4880, and 4895 from Norton Creek Elementary in West Chicago ran an extremely successful and charitable food drive to feed local families in need through the Humanitarian Service Project's Christmas Offering! The girl scouts spread the word about their food drive by canvassing their neighborhoods with flyers and putting an article in the school newsletter. Then the girls and their troop leaders came to the center for a tour and to drop off the food they collected. The girls inspired a lot of generous giving throughout their neighborhoods - they brought in over 50 bags of non-perishables! The girl scouts were also very excited to go on the tour and learn more about HSP. Many of them participated in a similar drive last year and were incredibly enthusiastic to help again.

HSP thanks these girls for putting so much spirit into collecting food for 150 impoverished families we serve through the Christmas Offering. All the children in the Christmas Offering receive Christmas gifts, and 150 of the neediest families receive 3-4 weeks' worth of groceries, including fresh fruits and vegetables, bread, meat and non-perishable items, to help them get through the Christmas season. Last year, 1,600 children received gifts and 150 impoverished families received food.

About The Humanitarian Service Project

HSP's mission is to alleviate the pain and suffering that poverty creates in seniors and children living in DuPage and Kane Counties, Illinois. Last year during the Christmas Offering, 1,600 children received gifts and 150 impoverished families received three weeks of groceries, frozen meats, and fresh produce. With the Senior Citizen Project, HSP provides monthly food deliveries of 100 pounds including fresh produce, frozen meats, non-perishables, paper products and secret pal gifts to 123 low-income seniors. The Children's Birthday Project reaches the youngest underprivileged, making birthdays and Christmas truly memorable occasions for 900 children. Feed the Kids program provides 100 low-income families and 375 children with groceries and fresh produce worth $1,500 retail in total for the summer. HSP conducts an annual school supply drive, which sends supplies to the DuPage Back to School Fair in addition to furnishing schools and individual children with necessary supplies.

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