Lawson's 'coffee' was strictly business

Posted10/17/2011 5:00 AM

Regarding Roger Bianco's letter speculating the "Coffee with the Assessor" is nothing more than campaign tactic for John Lawson, we were fortunate enough to host one of the first home meetings with Mr. Lawson. This meeting was strictly an informative lesson of how homes are assessed, when to appeal, what information is necessary to appeal a tax bill, and how to appeal again after the first appeal is rejected.

There was no political campaigning during this session and we were satisfied with the information Mr. Lawson gave us that night. After a double-digit percentage increase on last year's tax bill and judging by the increases the Herald reported our schools are asking for this year; another double digit percent increase pending, we will be appealing. For those of you who are reading this letter who think there is politics involved, why not host one of Mr. Lawson's meetings and see for yourself?

As far as who can we trust in state government, our state is under such a massive debt, we certainly don't trust the leadership we now have to resolve the problem without more tax increases.

Our governor broke a campaign promise by increasing the state income tax by 2 percent instead of the 1 percent he promised would be the limit, only to say he didn't know how bad the state finances really are. He was governor at the time when he made this promise and certainly should have known.

He has stripped the donations made via the voluntary charitable donations made available through the Illinois tax form schedule G. We will certainly never make another contribution to these charities through this state program.

Ken & Maria Keller


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