Lake GOP leader says it's premature to talk about replacing Schmidt in Senate

With questions swirling about state Sen. Suzi Schmidt's political future, Lake County's Republican Party leader on Friday denied a list of potential successors has been compiled.

“It would not be right to start doing that before Suzi even had a chance to make a decision,” local GOP Chairman Bob Cook said.

But that hasn't stopped some opportunistic Republicans from approaching Cook and volunteering their services if Schmidt — on the hot seat because of domestic problems and the controversial content of related 911 calls made public this week — resigns.

“There is no shortlist,” an emphatic Cook said. “When she makes her decision, then we will do what we have to do.”

Schmidt, a freshman senator from Lake Villa Township, is under the microscope because problems she's having with her husband, Robert, have led to police intervention three times since December. The most recent call was Monday. No charges have been filed against Suzi or Robert Schmidt.

The 911 calls and police reports that prompted the visits by Lake County sheriff's deputies have been picked over by political observers, reporters and radio talk-show hosts. They have raised questions about whether Schmidt improperly used her political status to influence police responses.

In a statement emailed to the media this week, Schmidt said she didn't intend to use her political titles inappropriately and apologized if the comments seemed inappropriate.

She has not made herself available for interviews.

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