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posted: 11/1/2012 5:00 AM

Mussman part of the problem, not solution

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So the Daily Herald is telling us that Michelle "Mom on a Mission" Mussman can maintain her independence in Springfield. Are they talking about how she "forced" the legislatures to cut their salaries, or how she "passed" tougher standards for Medicaid recipients?

I don't know what civics classes the Daily Herald went to or Ms. Mussman attended, but a legislator can't "force" or "pass" anything on their own as Ms Mussman stated in her mailings. Ms. Mussman is just another of Madigan's minions who will vote the way Madigan tells her to vote.

The only mission Ms. Mussman is on is to get re-elected and to make sure that Madigan doesn't lose his stranglehold on this state that he's had for the last 30 years. Remember it's the Democrats that got us into this mess led by Michael Madigan and now they want us to believe that they're going to save us from a fiscal disaster that was their making.

Ms. Mussman isn't part of the solution, she's part of the problem.

Gordon Szymanski

Elk Grove Village

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