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updated: 10/30/2010 7:24 PM

Brownfield give us truth

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Our nation and our state have many challenges as we dig our way out of mounting deficits. We as citizens and voters need to face the situation honestly, research the options and tighten our belts. My father always taught me, "You can't get something for nothing."

Our servicemen and women and their families are paying dearly for their loyalty to our country. Are the rest of us willing to share time and our income to make our country and our state strong and secure?

Every person, family or organization is most efficient when goals are clearly defined. What do we want Illinois to provide: safe roads, good schools, fair laws, courts and prisons, health facility monitoring, a "safety net" for persons with serious disabilities, help with employment and unemployment, small business assistance, pensions for retired teachers and state employees? It all costs money.

Here in the 55th District one candidate for state representative is proposing solutions to our state budget crisis. He is Greg Brownfield, an intelligent, experienced attorney who most recently saw our pain when he worked for Prairie State Legal Services. He sees our state budget problems as an emergency and fears that loss of jobs by teachers and government workers will threaten the stability of our local small businesses, just making things worse.

We voters deserve the truth and Greg is providing us with it.

Ellen McDonald

South Elgin