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updated: 10/25/2010 12:53 PM

If you can't tell truth now, when will you?

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Has the state of politics gotten to the point of he said she said, of manipulating the facts so far that we fool the public into believing a candidate is truthful and honest?

I am tired of it. Why can't we have an election that pits two candidates who debate the issues truthfully with the intention of what is best for the people?

I read the article in the Daily Herald about the race for the 56th District House seat that has Ryan Higgins and Michelle Mussman going head to head.

The Mussman campaign sent out mailers accusing the law firm (McGuireWoods) that Ryan Higgins used to work for, of donating $50,000 to Rod Blagojevich. The facts were manipulated. The group making the contribution was McGuireWoods Consulting not McGuireWoods law firm. The dollar amount was less than half that amount and at the time the contribution was made Ryan Higgins hadn't even received his law degree let alone work for that firm.

Mussman's campaign office responded, saying they did not know the dates Higgins was employed at the law firm. Well then how can you send out a campaign mailer stating these allegations as facts when you do not even know when Ryan Higgins worked there? This really is frustrating to me as a voter.

Last week the Herald ran an article on the candidates' views on campaign contribution reform. It was a great article. It stated each candidate's stand point by point on how they would reform the way contributions were made to candidates.

Ryan Higgins wants to limit contributions from the private sector to individual candidates and their respective parties. Michelle Mussman wants to limit contributions to the individual candidates from the private sector, but does not want to put a limit on contributions to the candidate's respective party.

This is not reform. The private sector can just donate money to the party and the candidate will end up with it anyway.

It's time we as voters start educating ourselves on the issues and get down to the real facts of the campaigns otherwise things will never change.

Mike Witowicz