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Sizzling Summer Blowout & Huge Savings at New Age Spa Institute!

As a private esthetician school, our training and continuing education is like none other. New Age Spa Institute is dedicated to enhancing your professional excellence through meticulously crafted programs and certifications. Our carefully designed curriculums are aimed at providing you with a proven formula for success. We offer licensing programs in esthetics and massage therapy, along with specialized training certifications such as clinical esthetics, master esthetics, eyelash extensions, epidermal leveling, professional makeup artistry, and the internationally recognized CIDESCO diplomacy. Flexible class schedules are available in full-time format during the daytime, and part-time schedules for nights and weekends.


Meet & Greet on June 13th between 12:00pm and 7:00pm , New Age Spa Institute located at 1870 Busse Hwy, Des Plaines, IL hosts an Open House! As an International CIDESCO school, NASI adopts many global initiatives in the hopes of building excellence and independence through education. This special event will give you the opportunity to explore and question if the beauty industry is part of your career advancement. Trained and licensed beauty professionals will be available to answer questions, give insight on the profession, and discuss financing options. Open-House-Only Scholarships are available!

What are the admission requirements for esthetics or massage student programs?

General requirements for enrollment are minimal, no prerequisites, and an entrance exam is not required. The diploma and transcripts you receive from NASI are not only valid nationwide, but worldwide too. The minimum requirements to start are quite simple: Passion, Purpose, & Persistence.

What are esthetics classes like for beauty students?

Our classes are small with the intention to address our students coming from diverse age groups, ethnic and national backgrounds, and career experiences. Each individual is developed in all levels of training, from beginner to full-fledged professional. Esthetics and massage therapy are licensure programs with "inclusive bundle packages." In addition to your diploma, you'll gain multiple certifications built within the program, an extensive spa professional products kit, brand representative training, textbooks, and much more.

Why attend trade school immediately after high school graduation?

Attending trade school immediately after high school graduation can have several pros and cons. Here are some points to consider:

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Why enroll in a trade school program like Licensed Esthetics or Massage Therapy?

Specialized Education

Trade schools provide focused training in specific trades or vocations, such as esthetics, massage therapy, plumbing, electrician work, automotive repair, culinary arts, makeup artist, or nail technician. This specialized education can give you practical skills and knowledge directly applicable to your chosen field.

Shorter Duration

Trade school programs typically have a shorter duration compared to traditional four-year college degrees. This means you can enter the workforce more quickly and start earning a salary sooner.


Trade school programs tend to be more affordable than traditional college degrees. This can help you avoid significant student loan debt and start your career with financial stability.

High-demand Occupations

Many trades have a high demand for skilled workers, and attending trade school can provide you with the necessary skills to enter a thriving job market. This can lead to better job prospects and potentially higher starting salaries.


Hands-on Experience

Trade schools emphasize practical, hands-on training, allowing you to gain real-world experience in your chosen field. This can make you more job-ready and increase your confidence when entering the workforce.

Perception and Stigma: Rebranding Trade School

While attitudes are changing, there can still be a perception that trade school is a lesser choice compared to a traditional college degree. Some people may have biases against trade school graduates, viewing them as less academically accomplished. However, this stigma is gradually diminishing as the demand for skilled trade workers increases.

Limitless Options: Talk it Out with a Licensed Professional

Ultimately, the decision to attend trade school immediately after high school graduation depends on your career goals, interests, financial considerations, and personal preferences. It's important to carefully evaluate your options, research potential career paths, and consider how trade school aligns with your long-term aspirations. Don't miss the in-person Open House on June 13! Call us today at (847)759-0900 to RSVP

Unlock Potential of Esthetics and Medical Aesthetics

In the rapidly expanding field of aesthetics, the opportunities for growth are soaring to new heights. With a shift towards non-surgical and minimally invasive procedures, medical esthetics has become increasingly popular. At the New Age Spa Institute, we understand the importance of staying ahead of the curve. That's why we have assembled a distinguished advisory board comprising of business and medical experts, and offer advanced programs in Clinical Aesthetics and Master Clinical to propel your career to new heights.

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