AMA Chicago Announces New Executive Committee

  • Allison K Summers, President AMA Chicago Board of Directors

    Allison K Summers, President AMA Chicago Board of Directors

Chloe Kiser
Updated 9/22/2020 8:14 AM

The American Marketing Association Chicago, (AMA Chicago), announces a new leadership team for its Board of Directors, which they call the Executive Committee. The new committee boasts some of Chicago’s most accomplished leaders and long-time active members of AMA Chicago.

Allison Summers, Executive Director and Chief Staff Executive of Zonta International, will serve as this year's president. The position of president-elect is now held by Shannon Lee, Vice President of Creative and Engagement at StudioNorth. Harvey Morris, President of Black Pug Interactive is this year’s Past President Emeritus, Ashley Schmitz, the Senior HR Consultant at Stantec is this fiscal year's secretary, and treasurer is John Garcia, Senior Vice President of Finance at Geometry Global.


"We are so delighted to activate this year's new executive committee. Despite the challenges facing marketers in the COVID era, our leadership team continues to push forward to provide meaningful content and keep our members connected and learning,"said Bonnie Massa, Executive Director of AMA Chicago. "The group has a lot of passion and is already rolling out new programs."

Membership continues to be offered at the NEW rate of $149 and applications are accepted online. For the cost of membership, AMA Chicago members can access six workshop events, six 'connex' events, four Signature Series speaker events, and two career connections events.

AMA Chicago, the largest professional chapter in the American Marketing Association's North American network, is 83 years strong. AMA provides ongoing development opportunities for Chicagoland marketers to expand knowledge, improve skills, and grow careers through access to innovative marketing thought leaders and cutting-edge programming. Visit