Dan Navarro donates 2 tickets for his Saturday Aug 24th show at Hey Nonny!

  • Barb Sorensen, June 2018, Palatine Public Libraryc/p 2015 Emerald City Music Productions, Inc.

    Barb Sorensen, June 2018, Palatine Public Libraryc/p 2015 Emerald City Music Productions, Inc.

Emerald City Music Productions, Inc.
Updated 8/21/2019 7:46 AM

If you love music, and meat! Come by the Hasselmann Family Farm Booth in the Arlington Heights Farmer's Market this Saturday for something way cool. Hasselmann Family Farm is a sponsor for the Barb Sorensen concerts this summer. Visit https://hasselmannfarm.com. Barb Sorensen is an internationally touring original pop/rock singer/songwriter from Palatine, who has been hawking her concerts and events at the Hasselmann Farm market booth in Arlington Heights every Saturday morning.

The very famous and much loved Dan Navarro, yes, that, Dan Navarro of Lowen & Navarro, is touring again, and performing at Hey Nonny in Arlington Heights at 8:30 p.m. this Saturday, Aug. 24. Barb met Dan as she interviewed Eric and Dan for her public access television show MUSE, which aired throughout the Northwest suburbs between 1996 and 2004. MUSE was a show which encouraged, supported and helped promote original artists to a greater audience.


Barb was gifted with two free tickets to the show per Dan just now! In the spirit of MUSE, Barb has made these two tickets available to the general public. For the first person that comes to the Hasselmann Family Farms booth on the morning of Saturday August 24, in the Arlington Heights Farmer's Market, and purchases the new "Date Night Kit." Only one kit is available with the Dan Navarro concert tickets. The market opens at 7 am. Barb Sorensen will be there until 7:45 am to not only sell you the kit, but also sing one of her songs for you!

The kit includes:

2 NY Strip steaks

1 package popcorn

1 coupon for fresh veggies from the market stand $5.

1 coupon for fresh flowers from the market stand $10.

Leaflets for Barb Sorensen's other upcoming concerts and events

Leaflet with Hasselmann Farms info about market days and delivery in winter

Leaflet list of other packages and kits available

Paid Voucher for 2 free concert tickets to the Dan Navarro Concert at Hey Nonny in Arlington Heights, Sat. August 24th 8:30 pm (It's an amazing 2 hour show valued at $40). http://www.dannavarro.com/dannavarro/home.html

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1 tea light with candle holder

TOTAL: $57.

(Option to also include Barb Sorensen's concert at Elgin Fringe Festival Tickets & Buttons for a total of = $83)

Dan has a brand new CD out and we're itchin' to hear it live!. Knowing his previous work, this one ought to be the best one yet!

Plus, you will get to meet farmer Scott, who owns Hasselmann Farms, and can ask him all the questions Barb has not been able to answer as she usually mans the stand there. Hope you enjoy this cool kit!

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