Northfield water meter measure to save about $140K annually

Updated 3/10/2022 9:35 AM

At its Feb. 15 board meeting, Northfield approved the use of more than $1 million for new water meters and a fixed antenna to allow the meters to be read remotely.

The measure is expected to save $141,619 annually by reducing water loss and more accurate accounting of consumption, the board meeting summary sheet for the proposal stated.


The system also will pare about 80-120 hours monthly by staff to read the meters, and will reduce the village's carbon footprint by eliminating the need for staff driving to the scene.

A third of Northfield's 2,323 homes already have a wireless meter-reading system, Village President Greg Lungmus stated in Northfield's March/April newsletter. A contractor will reach the remaining residents to replace their old meters.

The technology used with the meters is called Sensus FlexNet, provided by Core & Main of Carol Stream. It includes a base station antenna that Northfield seeks, by intergovernmental agreement, to install on Glencoe's water tower. If that is not possible, Core & Main would construct a 60-foot tower at Northfield's water reservoir on Willow Road, according to the board meeting summary sheet.

The plan also includes water main improvements, Lungmus noted in the newsletter.

Residents will gain better access to water usage data through an online portal and mobile application to monitor periods of high usage or possible leaks, the newsletter said.

The Northfield board dedicated $1.15 million to the project, contracting with Core & Main for a little over $900,000. There is an additional 15% contingency and $115,000 for software and the possibility of a tower if Glencoe's is not made available.

The village will pay for the improvement, with nearly $730,000 of American Rescue Plan funds and around $420,000 from the village's water and sewer fund, according to the summary.

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