Matlis may lack experience, but he's the better choice

I saw that the Daily Herald is endorsing Robyn Gabel in the Illinois 18th House district. I'm disappointed at the reasoning of the Daily Herald and urge a reconsideration of the endorsement.

Yesterday, I received in our mailbox BOTH Robyn Gabel and Sean Matlis literature. Ms. Gabel's priorities were voting rights - I'm not aware of anyone being denied the right to vote in Illinois. Mr. Matlis listed term limits, no to the fair tax (which the Daily Herald also opposes), deflating the pension bubble by going to a defined contribution plan, fair maps, peaceful protesting and getting the state out of the way in terms of reopening our schools. He mentions voting out the Madigan Machine.

Knowing the difference in the substance of the presentation to the voter, I would argue that Mr. Matlis' lack of experience may be welcome in helping Illinois overcome our structural problems that the Madigan Machine (that Ms. Gabel has voted for during her years in office) certainly did nothing to stop and most clear thinking individuals would agree helped create.

How will voting for Ms. Gabel help stop the Illinois Exodus, end high unemployment (Cook County unemployment rate is 13.7%--IDES August 2020. Wisconsin's unemployment rate is 6.2%--both have a very similar population) and facilitate new business creation? Do we really believe making Illinois the most taxed state (which we are on track to be) in the US will make us a magnet for job creators? It seems Mr. Matlis's prescription mentioned above would do a lot more for the people of Illinois than Ms. Gabel's.

If things are going to change, independent thought that focuses on the residents of Illinois and not on a party label is a good place to start.

Once again, this is an endorsement that should rethought if we are serious about turning Illinois around - we can't keep repeating the same mistakes and expect a different result.

John Foley


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