Medical records turned over in Wheaton College hazing case

The attorney representing the victim in the Wheaton College football team hazing case has turned over the man's medical records in an attempt to prove his injuries were caused by the March 2016 assault.

Terry Ekl handed the records from a Fort Wayne medical institution and a Fort Wayne high school to DuPage County Judge Brian Telander Wednesday morning as attorneys for one of the former football players sought to subpoena at least 14 records from out of state.

"It's a lot to do about nothing. They don't show anything. There is no pre-existing shoulder injury," Ekl said outside court. "I've seen all of his records and there are none. They're just trying to create an issue that doesn't exist. That's all it is."

Kyler Kregal from Grand Rapids, Michigan; Ben Pettway from Lookout Mountain, Georgia; Noah Spielman from Columbus, Ohio; Samuel TeBos from Allendale, Michigan; and James Cooksey of Jacksonville, Florida, are accused of abducting a teammate from his dorm, putting a pillowcase over his head, tying him with duct tape and leaving him partially nude on a baseball field near Hawthorne Elementary School in Wheaton.

In September, a grand jury approved a nine-count indictment against the players for aggravated battery, mob action and unlawful restraint. Each of the men has pleaded not guilty to all charges.

Ekl has maintained his client was left with two injured shoulders that required three surgeries. During the car ride to the field, Ekl said, the victim, a freshman, also was threatened with sexual violation.

Paul DeLuca, who represents Kregel, previously said the attorneys believe what's contained in the medical records may be integral to getting the charges reduced, possibly to misdemeanors.

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