Chiquita Hall-Jackson named first black woman president of the National Employment Lawyers Association of Illinois

  • Chiquita Hall-Jackson, President, NELA-Illinois

    Chiquita Hall-Jackson, President, NELA-Illinois

Updated 2/25/2022 11:41 AM

Considering the swirling dynamics of contemporary workplace practices, the time is right for "fierce," and also right for "heart."

Perhaps that's why the National Employment Lawyers Association, a group famously committed to battling workplace discrimination of all kinds has named Chiquita Hall-Jackson to serve as its president.


Hall-Jackson is the first black woman to assume NELA'S important leadership role in Illinois, but leadership is nothing new to this authority in the field of workplace fairness. She is the founder and president of her own law firm in Chicago, a model of diversity and inclusion battling to help all workers enjoy life without discrimination.

Hall-Jackson is fierce in her use of the law to protect whistleblowers, victims of sexual harassment, and to defeat hiring policies skewed by considerations of race, ethnicity, religion, age, gender orientation or any other factors that have no business being part of any business.