Chicago Personal Development Expert and Thought Leader, Dr. Sherrie Campbell Are Kicking Toxic People Through Social Media To The Curb

  • Dr. Sherrie Campbell and Julie Lokun, JD are healing the masses by teaching people the tools to cut ties with toxic people and heal in the aftermath.Nicki Easton

    Dr. Sherrie Campbell and Julie Lokun, JD are healing the masses by teaching people the tools to cut ties with toxic people and heal in the aftermath.Nicki Easton

Updated 7/12/2021 10:13 AM

CHICAGO, UNITED STATES, July 10, 2021 / -- Dr. Sherrie Campbell, Ph.D., author of the bestselling book, "But It's Your Family," is healing the masses in a profound way. Dr. Sherrie Campbell is a clinical psychologist with over twenty-five years of clinical training and experience. She has a full private practice, and her treatment covers the span of nearly all mental health issues. Her business acumen includes being one of the top writers for and hosting her own Radio Show on the BBM Global Network and TuneIn radio. What distinguishes Dr. Campbell from others in the mental health field is that she has built a vibrant community on social media, particularly Facebook. Campbell's voice is heard daily on her growing platform of 130,000. Dr. Campbell actively communes with her "Bravehearts," as she affectionately refers to them, from around the world, via the unlikely vehicle of social media. This platform has proven to be a space of healing and support.

What makes this virtual community unique is Dr. Campbell's personalized approach to creating authentic relationships with her followers. Everything on her Facebook page is from her heart. Dr. Campbell does not have a social media team that masquerades as herself. In fact, she makes every effort to respond to her loyal fanbase daily. Her devotion to this group is evident to her participants. Her followers actively engage and support each other.


So why Social media? It has been said that social media encourages shallow, narcissistic, self-absorbed thinking. Research has shown that helping others, communicating positive messages, and making connections boosts your well-being, reduces anxiety and depression, and makes you feel more connected to others. Dr. Campbell recognized there is a gap in the mental health community that is altruistic and empowering. Access to mental health care can be challenging for many people. Dr. Campbell felt the untapped power of leading a space on facebook in a positive manner was needed. "What differentiates my social media platform is that I am truly engaged. I am not offering therapeutic advice, but I am moderating with the voice of empowering those who are struggling".

Social media can be used as a motivational tool to achieve healthy lifestyle goals such as quitting smoking or attending the gym regularly. For example, announcing a goal via social media and regularly posting about it promotes accountability to others. It creates positive reinforcement from virtual friends by stimulating an online "social support system." This may lead the aspirant to form or join other communities dedicated to similar pursuits. This is a classic case of "positive emotional contagion." Dr. Campbell's page is a testament to the idea of "borrowed motivation." Often when one individual feels stuck, another, who has experienced the same situation, can shed light on how to move forward in a positive direction. Research has shown that publicly sharing a goal not only promotes accountability but helps one stay focused and dramatically increases one's chance of success, whether it be weight loss or sobriety for recovering addicts/alcoholics.

Dr. Sherrie is taking her platform one step further. Campbell has partnered with Master Coach, Julie Lokun, JD, to lead an interactive online summit with experts and thought leaders on eliminating toxicity from your life and learning the tools to reclaim the life you love. On August 7th and 8th, the Sherpay Summit (Sherrie + Therapy) will kick off an educational experience for all those who participate. "We are hoping to bridge the gap for individuals who feel stuck in a space of toxicity and teach them real-life tools to embrace the life they desire. The power of a community will be exhilarating and transformative".

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