Franks is fiscal hawk

Updated 2/18/2011 9:08 PM

I read the Northwest Herald's Jan. 22 assessment of the "Granny Tax" recently imposed by our tax hungry state legislature and agree that our state needs to explore other options to address our deficit. So much has gone wrong in Springfield, but our McHenry County legislators have been on the right side of the issues the entire time.

Most importantly, State Rep. Jack Franks voted against the income tax, corporate tax and nursing home bed tax hikes. He voted against deepening the debt by borrowing $4 billion. He is fighting to pass meaningful pension system reforms. He was the only Democrat to speak out against awarding the governor extraordinary powers to do as he likes with Illinois' tax dollars.


Franks is in Springfield fighting for what is right for his constituents and all lllinoisans every day. It's unfair to lump him into a category of Democrats who keep perpetuating the status quo. He deserves recognition for leading the fight against tax increases. He is a fiscal hawk who is representing McHenry County with honor.

Gerald Crohn