School nurses off list of budget cuts in D300

Updated 2/15/2011 7:42 PM

A proposal to trim nursing services from Community Unit District 300 in an effort to reduce a $8.3 million budget deficit has been cast aside.

Administrators removed the line item from the list of proposed budget reductions after receiving a mixed reaction from the Community Finance Committee -- an advisory group of teachers, parents and administrators -- as well as the public.


The proposal would have cut $168,000 from the program, eliminating four full-time registered nurse positions and reducing 1 registered nurse classroom positions to licensed practical nurse roles.

"As many members expressed support for this proposal as those who did not," said Allison Strupeck, District 300 spokeswoman. "The group that came out more strongly against this proposed cut was the school principals. So, based on this combination of feedback from Community Finance members and D300 administrators, as well as some additional feedback from the general public, administration is no longer proposing the cut to nurses."

Committee member Paul Lanspa, a parent on the committee, said the proposal would force some elementary schools to share a nurse, which he said would likely benefit the larger of the schools. There are 27 nurses in the district.

"There are a few issues right now and I don't think this is the right place to cut," Lanspa said. "We need this type of service the most at smaller schools."

Lake in the Hills Elementary School Principal Tammy Poole said there was concern among principals about the effects of sharing a nurse.

"There are accidents and things that happen during the day that you can't prepare for," Poole said.


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