Lisle Library District stays bright as the days dim

As the autumn continues to steal the daylight, the Lisle Library District, 777 Front St., remains aglow with its LiteZilla installation.

The wall installation in Youth Services is akin to a giant Lite Brite with larger pegs that are safe for all ages.

The radiant colors are anything but primary, with dazzling options such as tangerine orange and bumblebee yellow; enough to invoke a little bit of summer.

The unique offering is the result of a library-wide fundraising collaboration that occurred during the Lisle Library District's yearlong renovation.

The fundraiser was so successful that a 6- by 5-foot LiteZilla was installed, along with a tabletop LiteZilla mini. However, the true success is seeing the new feature being used.

The glowing, interactive, digital canvas is an opportunity for children to explore their creativity while bonding with peers they may have never interacted with.

The illumination combined with the infinite possibilities have sparked a sense of wonder within the library's walls. Caregivers and their children bond as they experience the novel installation together.

Parent and child have also been spotted reading beneath the glow.

Library staff have been delighted to see what has been created by our eager patrons; from an old school Pacman, the sunglasses emoji, and even the library's logo!

As the weeks turn to winter, the LiteZilla will keep its luminosity for all to enjoy. Patrons with seasonal affective disorder may even benefit from its exuberance.

The Lisle Library District is grateful to all who have donated to make our library even more special. The LiteZilla and mini LiteZilla are available anytime the library is open.

For questions, visit or call (630) 971-1675.

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