Sears tax break a detriment to D300

As an employee of Community Unit District 300, I believe that giving Sears this tax break along with the allowing the Village of Hoffman Estates to profit at the expense of District 300 students is a slap in the face to District 300 and the families that depend upon District 300 for jobs.

As sole support whose husband has not been working for two years due to this severe economic recession, to allow big business to keep depriving students of a proper education along with reaping exorbitant profits, and threaten the economic future of their workers is not helping this country’s economy. Please do not allow this to happen. Think first about the students and all the employees in the district that will lose their jobs.

Sears is playing games with our future. Please, for the sake of the children and families in the district, do not allow this to happen.

Michele Smallwood

Lake in the Hills