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posted: 1/4/2013 5:00 AM

Insure more drivers while reducing guns

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One out of four traffic accidents in Chicago involves a motorist with no insurance. One out of five drivers in Cook county has no insurance, causing higher rates to those with insurance with uninsured motorist coverage.

The proposal to allow noncitizens to obtain a driver's license has no plan to enforce auto insurance compliance. One solution is to have the insurance companies issue a 3-by-3-inch sticker, dated and issued every six months, to be installed on the rear window visible to police. The insurance company would charge $5 twice a year. If the price to make and mail that sticker is $2, the balance of $3 is put into a special fund for buying back firearms off the street from those who turn them in with no questions asked.

The amount of money collected would make a difference with the number of firearms on the street. If a car is stopped with no insurance sticker, the car is towed with a fine paid to the police department, along with towing charges. This would help our economy in several ways:

• The insurance stickers would be produced by Illinois printers.

• Insurance rates would go down due, putting more money in consumers' hands.

• Nonworthy cars/drivers would be forced off our already congested roads.

• Police agencies would adding revenue to their budgets.

• The biggest accomplishment would be the purchase of firearms from the streets.

I have three autos and a motorcycle insured, and I would gladly pay for these stickers for stricter enforcement of our insurance laws and possibly getting that one bad firearm off the street before it kills someone.

Driving is a privilege, not a entitlement. We are however entitled to walk our streets without the fear of firearm violence.

Robert A. Fecarotta

Highway commissioner

Schaumburg Township

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