Keep the Wreath Red

For over 30 years Countryside Fire Protection District (CFPD) continues to promote fire safety through Keep the Wreath Red Campaign for the 2022 holiday season. Keep the Wreath Red is to bring awareness to holiday decoration fires in a more dangerous time of the year. More dangerous season due to increased heating sources in the home, fire places, candles and holiday cooking. "With holiday decorations increasing the chances of accidental fires, we need help with this community risk reduction program", said Fire Inspector Joel Severin.

Severin added, "For each holiday-decoration related fire that Countryside FPD responds to, one of the lights will turn from red to white.

Keep the Wreath Red program originated in 1954 by the Naperville (Illinois) Fire Department and then adopted in 1980 by the Illinois Fire Chiefs Association

The goal is to keep the wreath as red as possible. Keep your family and home safe as you celebrate the holidays with the following tips:

Make sure decorations are either flame retardant or flame resistant and tested by Underwriter Laboratories (UL). Check that your lights are rated for indoor or outdoor use, or both. Replace any light strands that have worn or broken cords. If it is frayed throw it away. Make sure to read the recommendation for number of light strings you can string together. Do not you multiple extension cords or run extension cords under rugs. Turn off all light strings and decorations before going to bed or leaving the house. Be sure to water real Christmas trees daily and keep any heat source such as a fireplace or portable space heater several feet away.

Keep lit candles at least three feet away from decorations and have on noncombustible dish. Blow out all lit candles before going to bed or leaving the house. When you go out blow it out!

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