Guided by SCORE North Cook and Lake County mentors, Lindsey Frank discovers her 'butterfly within'

Lindsey Frank has loved butterflies since she was a child: "I marveled at these tiny miracles that surround us in our everyday life, how something so small can transform into something bigger."

As an adult, she envisions the butterfly as a symbol of possibilities, growth, and courage to discover our wings. The inspiring insect now serves at the core mission of her new business, The Butterfly Within, LLC.

"I help others see, honor and value the butterfly within themselves, especially within education," said Lindsey, an Arlington Heights resident. "The butterfly symbolizes our resilience through change, and resilience is developed through our well-being."

In recent months, Lindsey has been focused on finding her own "butterfly within" through the support of SCORE North Cook and Lake County co-mentors, Alan Sipe of Arlington Heights, and Karen Spesard of Kildeer.

Monthly mentoring sessions began with Lindsey and the co-mentors in October of 2020, and have been ongoing ever since. The Butterfly Within became incorporated as an LLC in August 2020 ( The website features complete information on Lindsey's books, workshops and community programs.

"Every mentoring session leaves me motivated to take the next action step," Lindsey explained.

Reflecting on their mentoring experiences with Lindsey, Karen and Alan are highly impressed by her commitment and enthusiasm in helping people enrich their lives.

Spesard points out the "mentoring process is ongoing," and Lindsey has been focused on working with Alan (her co-mentor) and I to move forward logically step by step.

"We encourage our clients to stay with the mentoring process for consistency to help grow their business over time," she added.

Since 1964, SCORE has helped more than 11 million entrepreneurs like Lindsey to start or grow a business. SCORE's 11,000 volunteers provide free mentoring, workshops, and educational services to 1,500+ communities nationwide SCORE volunteer mentors provide confidential, free face-to-face and email mentoring. SCORE is funded in large part by the Small Business Administration (SBA).

For additional information or to request a mentoring session (free and confidential) visit SCORE North Cook and Lake County website: During the pandemic, mentoring sessions have been conducted using virtual streaming services.

About The Butterfly Within

Lindsey's business, The Butterfly Within, LLC, empowers teachers and leaders to integrate wellness into their lives- and the lives of their students - through creative and sustainable approaches. She explains, "Since children reflect the nervous systems around them, teachers need to be well to teach well and bring their H.E.A.R.T. (Health, Environment, Affirmation, Response, Transform) into education."

Lindsey is the author of the children's book, "Big Change, Better You, Beautiful World" and her upcoming book, "The Superpower of Your HEART."

In addition, the services Lindsey provides include well-being coaching, mindfulness, yoga, and self-care wellness workshops. Examples of Lindsey's clients are educational professionals and community residents such as families and children.

She has taught and supported students ranging from early learning through junior high. Lindsey has experience as a climate & SEL coach, learning behavior specialist, interventionist, and teacher within diverse learning environments.

Her master's degree is in Educational Leadership & Supervision. She is also a certified yoga & mindfulness instructor for adults and children with a focus on trauma-informed approaches.

SCORE Mentoring Experience: In Lindsey's Own Words

Q: How did you learn of SCORE's mentoring program?

A: I had opened my mailbox to find the Arlington Heights Memorial Library monthly newsletter. I remembered that they typically had a "Business" section in their newsletter, I literally turned right to the page where the SCORE Mentoring resource was listed.

After reading the description, I immediately logged onto my computer to get connected with SCORE. Free business mentoring? It seemed too good to be true…However, it is true and even more helpful than I could have imagined.

What motivated you to seek mentoring advice - specific business challenges?

I was just starting out and wanted to make sure that my business had a solid foundation. I love learning and the business world was new to me, so I wanted to grow my skills for success.

As I continue learning, I have been able to layer on elements of a successful business to keep growing into new possibilities.

Additionally, I work full-time in a school district during the day, so I needed guidance for how to make the multiple worlds I am in work together in my life.

Q: What were your expectations entering your first mentoring session?

A: I was not sure what to expect. I knew that I wanted to learn as much as I could from experts in the business field so that I, too, can see myself as a business owner aligned to my values and purpose.

Q: How did you move forward on addressing your business challenges with your co-mentors?

A: Once I became a business, it was as if I needed to become a web designer, marketing publicity lead, financial bookkeeper, and owner overnight. Being an independent business meant I needed to take on each layer on my own and find creative modalities to support the functioning of my business.

My SCORE mentors helped me take guided action to reduce feeling overwhelmed.

I created a business so that "I could get paid for being me," where all my passion projects can connect into one place. I wanted to share my gifts with others and value the support that I share.

I did not have a true laser focus for my business. Karen and Alan have been supporting me in developing deeper clarity for my company's vision and purpose. This has been an ongoing process as my company has been evolving, and as I have been growing with my business.

Q:How did the co-mentors help you in terms of advice, guidance, support?

A: Each mentor has their own expertise which allows for dynamic conversations and brainstorming. We can create a wide view of an idea, then move inwards to get to the core across different avenues.

Alan's expertise of sales, marketing, and networking paired with Karen's heart-based ideas for reaching clients and focus on clarity have made our mentoring experience balanced and the perfect recipe for success.

They meet me where I am at within my journey, and (lovingly) push me into my next challenge and phase. I am equipped with tools they share, but it is up to me to take the courageous action--just like the caterpillar becoming a butterfly.

Q: What advice would you give to others considering SCORE mentoring services?

A: SCORE is a wealth of expertise, experience, and excellence. Every mentor is passionate and dedicated to helping small business owners in any aspect of their journey, whether you are just starting out or a seasoned business owner.

There is always a new idea to explore, and they support you in making your business goals come to life.

You are in control of how you want your partnership to look like, and the amazing part is that this service is free, including their professional learning classes. Every business has the opportunity for growth and deserves a mentor.

I am forever grateful for my SCORE mentors and to SCORE for making this service accessible for continual growth.

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